Heartbreak Poem by Teens

Poem About Wanting Another Chance

My boyfriend broke up with me quite some time ago, but I never managed to really get over him. This poem shows how I feel when I think about him.

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Published: July 2015

You held my hand,
Looked into my eyes,
Said those three words,
It was our moment,
Our time.

Time can heal,
But time, too, can wound.
Slowly you pulled away,
There was nothing I could do.

Your touch never fades,
Your voice, it stayed,
But my heart, you took away,
Leaving me to wonder,
Will you ever come back?

My heart still aches, my tears still drop,
Pieces of my life are missing,
I still feel empty, I tried to stop,
Refusing the want or need
To hold on to the time long ago.

Sorry after sorry, you said to me,
Just one look at you, I said, "It's okay, really."
You asked me what could be done to make things better.
I said nothing, but my thoughts begged to differ,
I had to fight the urge to say, "Maybe you could come back."

You smiled the smile I love most,
The smile I would do anything for, no matter the cost,
But I knew things are never going back again,
I lost my love, I lost my best friend.

Possibilities are still open, chances are still there,
And I'll find someone who can fix the inside of me,
Or maybe our paths will cross again,
And this time, with hope, you'll stay.


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