Break Up Poem

Poem About Being The One To End A Relationship

My boyfriend thought that I was his everything and that we would stay together forever. But after a few weeks, I realized it just wasn't working. He wasn't what I was looking for. We had nothing in common and it was going nowhere. The worst thing was that when I ended it, he treated me like I didn't know how he felt. But after a bad break after a 3 year relationship a few years back, he had absolutely no idea how I was feeling. He didn't even care.

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I'm Hurting Too


Published: September 2015

I thought this could work,
That we would push through,
But now we are breaking.
Yes, I'm hurting too.

It didn't last long,
What we had was so new.
Love can't last forever,
And I'm hurting too.

I got so confused with how I felt,
Other boys asking why I chose you.
I didn't have an answer but thought there was one.
Please don't hate me, I'm hurting too.

I asked for space.
I thought things through,
Decided to end it,
But I'm hurting too.

We have nothing in common,
Nothing to do.
Don't try and chase me,
I'm hurting too.

Don't ask why it ended,
I don't know, just like you.
It just wasn't working.
I'm hurting too.

Friends we will stay,
Our love just wasn't true!
Please listen carefully,
I'm hurting too.

You think I don't know how you feel,
That I'm a stranger to pain and wounds.
I've suffered before, more than you'll ever know.
I ended it, but I'M HURTING TOO!


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