I'm Sorry Poem by Teens

Poem Apologizing For Hurting People

This is dedicated to my old school, my old friends that I wish could be my friends again and to the community where I live!

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I Apologize For What I Have Done!


Published: October 2009

I am sorry for what I have done
Many times I look back but now I learned my lesson
Every minute I think about what I have done
I cry and cry, but my tears are not helping
I need someone to be there
Right by my side I see someone, but they're gone
They hate me for what I have done
Can they just forgive me?
I want to say sorry, but they won't accept it
Maybe I should apologize, but the same time I am scared
If I had one wish I would wish I never went through this
People talk about me, but I don't like it
I want to hurt myself
But there is one person that can help me, that is GOD
he is powerful can anybody see it
as we lift our heads people look at one another
some have feeling that could hurt one another
I had good friends, but it just seems I wish I would have had them as my friends again,
But all I could say is I am sorry for what I have done!



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