Mother Death Poem

A Mother-Son Bond Revealed

I didn't realize I loved my mother until she died. She was very abusive to me as a child, and I felt contempt for her most of my life. I never expected to feel such heart-wrenching pain when she died. Shortly before her death she told me she felt empty her whole life. She was a victim herself of child abuse and wasn't mentally well. Now I just pity her wasted life.

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© more by Douglas J. Olson

Published: September 2018

You've gone and left me all alone -
All by myself - can't telephone.

In a world of days gone by,
A grayish gloom completes the sky.

Every day my thoughts are fleeting
As the daylight keeps retreating.

You loved me more than you could show.
I loved you too but didn't know.

I couldn't see through all the years,
But now my eyes are filled with tears
That fall from places far away
When you left me on that day.


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