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I hate it when people hurt one another, it seems so meaningless. in the end, who's really winning. The lion or the lamb, for the lambs life is gone, but the lions satisfied with his meal. I know its the circle of life, but I just wish their was another way than to hurt one another. Why should one live and the other die?

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Hope Is A Mystery


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2012 with permission of the Author.

I don't know why
why this world's so cruel
it's so abusing
We all have seen Earth's glorious mysteries
The beautiful oceans and mountains that'll make you cry
why must we abuse this land
How can we reconcile
It's hurtful and shameful
we hurt those we love
Betrayal and fear surround us
I don't know why
we all have to malign
we're all human
we all feel pain
so why do we hurt one another
and make each other cry
to me it's an air of mystery
But I have hope
That someone will speak up
and help us be one
years from now you can ask me the same question
how could something so beautiful end in flames
I would tell you as I have told others before
I don't know
all I can do is hope
so for now I do as I have told you
and mark it with a star
for every star
there is a hope
of every man, women, and child
hoping for a new day
that those billions of stars out there
are for us to grab hold
to not let go
to not lose hope
they can call them balls of fire
I don't know
all I know in the end
is that we're all human
We all feel pain
and I'm grabbing that star
and never letting go


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