Faith Poem

The Journey Of Man

It was written in 1992 when I was 57. I'm 86 now. It describes my belief about life and still today expresses it very well. I wouldn't change a word.

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I Believe

William B Watkins ©

Published by Family Friend Poems April 26, 2022

I don't claim to be an expert
In whom all wisdom does rest,
But in all things I'm involved,
I try to do my very best.
I don't have all the answers
To life's troubles, it's true,
But on things I have opinions,
I will most surely tell you.
I don't intend to hurt others
By the things I do or say,
But I also believe wholeheartedly
Truth should have its way...
I believe we as adults
Should be free to do and say
But must accept full responsibility
For our words and deeds each day.
I believe we are each born
With unique talents and abilities too,
And there is surely someone watching
To see how with them we do.
I believe we are the sum
Of all we do and say
And will be judged accordingly
On that final day...

I believe there is a force for good
Available to help us along life's way,
But just as surely a force for evil
Is waiting to make us easy prey.
I believe the force for evil
Will test us often, you see,
And if we don't resist strongly
Will convince us it's evil to be.
I believe when two or more gather
The force for good is there too,
But we must reach out for it
As it is our free choice to do...

I believe throughout our life
We must continue our best to try,
Or when it is finished
We'll have nothing but an alibi.
In the act of living, we make ripples
Like a rock dropped in a still pond,
And I believe the power of our actions
May continue to ripple on and on.
So if we are to be judged
In the future, it must surely be,
For it may take generations
For our ripples to cease, you see...

I believe we must in each other
Try to bring out the best,
For in the worst of us
Are treasures to be blessed.
I believe our quest for worldly goods
And for fortune and fleeting fame
Detract from the opportunities we have
To know each other in God's name.
I believe when our deeds are examined,
The only ones to have value it's true,
Will be the good we've done for others
As Christ commanded us to do...

I believe man is on a journey
Whose beginning is not known,
A continuing search of the heavens
In hopes of finding our real home.
I believe that on this journey
There is much we've not been told,
But as we seek out our destiny,
The whole story will surely unfold.
I believe we may find some truths
Which have carried us this far,
May have to be abandoned
As we journey toward our star...

It is not really necessary
That others believe as me,
But that we each have a value system
To guide our lives through history.
For without some value system
And some belief to guide each day,
We would be unable as a civilization
To ever find the true way.
True happiness we will never achieve
Unless we complete life's plan
And someday reach that eternity
God promised to every man...


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