Relationship Poem by Teens

I just wrote this poem for my boyfriend as a reminder that I really do love him, no matter what.

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I Hope You Know


Published: April 20, 2017

I hope you know
I really do care.
I might not show it often,
Which makes me unfair.

I think you're beautiful
In every way.
I love you a lot,
And for you to stay, I always pray.

I hope you know
When we are mad
I hope and pray
We fix the bad.

It hurts so much
When we fight.
We all have
Our good and bad, alright.

I hope you know
I pray for us
To stay together
And not to fuss.

You're my only,
My first.
I like that I can say
My first was my only.

I hope you know
I've been through a lot.
I know you have, too.
I know that together we can get through.

You make me smile
When I have a bad day,
And you don't have to do much
But say, "Hey."

I hope you know
The reason for this poem
Was to say I love you
And I care in every way.

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