Loss of Father Poem

Death Of Parent Makes You Feel Like A Child

I will be 50 yrs. old this year. I was hit by a car at the age of 3 years old. Neither one of my parents ever put me in a nursing home & never gave up on me like the Drs were ready to.
I went to H.S. & in 92 graduated. I went to 2 yrs college & worked at Walmart Center for 20 yrs. & then ret.
This week my Dad who's 91 yrs old & has never been ill a handful of times in his life. I know what needs to happen, I just can't make the call this weekend.

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If It Happens Before Your Eyes

Audra A Allensworth ©

Published by Family Friend Poems March 21, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Years later an accident happened where I had died three times;
My Dad told the Drs.
"Do everything you can
to help see that my baby girl survives!"

His prayers were
answered and as careful
as I could; I made it back
to him from beyond
as he knew that I would.

Forty seven years later
in the hospital is where
I sit now beside the bed
as you sleep I began
to pray; if I could make but
only one deal it would be to
give every breath I had to get
you to begin to heal.

As they began to ask about
putting you on Comfort Care;
simply put, it takes all life saving chances and throws them way
off into the air. 

However, my questions are the same now as from the very beginning and those are the WHY'S, the WHEN'S & finally followed by the WHERE?

The memories I have now
are fleeting in and around
my mind for they'll never
grow old; they are mine
and mine alone...
Now and forever
to have and to hold.


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