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Hi, my name is Leandre Nsabi! I was just Googling poems, and I read some poems about Africa and I really liked them and I was born in the middle of Africa. I never wrote poems about Africa, and I really like the one I wrote, so please tell me what you think. Thank you.

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I'm From The Middle Of Africa


Published: August 2008

I'm from the middle of Africa,
A country called CONGO DR,
Where I grew up
And knew as a friendly place.
At night I would go out
And stare into space,
Look at the stars,
And say, "What a place."

I'm from the middle of Africa,
A place I love,
A place I miss,
A place full of doves,
A place full of kids,
A place of peace,
A place for fun,
And a place of friendship.

I'm from the middle of Africa,
Where we all love soccer,
Where we play pion (African game for kids),
Where we eat healthy food,
Where we praise the Lord.

I'm from the middle of Africa,
A country called Congo DR.
A country my family lives,
A country my friends live,
A country I loved,
A country I love,
A country I will always love.
I'm from the middle of Africa
In a country called Congo DR.


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