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Physical Abuse Poem

My cousin was abused by her dad, so I wrote this from her point of view. I wish she would have told me so I could have stopped it earlier. Don't worry, she is not dead, just really depressed but is recovering. I wish her all the best and love her with all of my heart.

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I went through this too and hoped and prayed that he wouldn't find me but you helped me so much. I am 13 years old now and finally told someone, so thanks so much, your poem was great, if it...

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Published by Family Friend Poems August 2012 with permission of the Author.

I sat alone in the cold dark room
I knew that he would be home soon
I really wish that people knew
how much pain I was going through

I heard a car park outside.
If someone could hear me I would have cried
The door opened viciously with a thud
I would have ran for it if I could

I dream of a world where I am free
But Daddy was already looking for me
He dragged me out from under my bed
I knew he wished that I was dead

Cowering in fright, I began to plea
"Please Daddy, don't do this to me"
But I could tell it was already too late
The alcohol he depended on had already decided my fate

It was all my fault that he lost his wife
It was all my fault that he didn't like life
He kicked me and punched me
I never dare to disagree

I am used to being shoved against a wall
I am used to him making me feel so small
The false laughter, the broken smile

With the first strike I should have ran a mile
I am warning you, never hide away
Never ever pretend everything is okay
Get help before it's too late...

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  • Katie Andrews by Katie Andrews
  • 5 years ago

Unfortunately, I could really relate to this poem. I wasn't hurt by my father but my mom's second husband. He didn't outright kick or slap me, but he would do other things just as painful. He had a quick temper, so every time he got angry, he always seemed to blame my sister and me. He would drag us down the stairs and out the door by our hair, pulling until it came out. He would shove us into places, and when my mother wasn't home, he would push us down hills and throw us around as he yelled at us. He would throw things at us, and both of us have a scar from one certain incident. I would go to school with bandaids and sweaters and always tell people that I just fell. He would even make us do physical labor for hours, until my bones ached and the best thing I could do was drag myself through the snow. The worst part is when we told our mother, she either didn't believe us or it didn't matter enough. Eventually, it stopped after five years when she finally left him. I'm fifteen now.

  • Seloba Matlou Caroline by Seloba Matlou Caroline
  • 6 years ago

Your poem really touched my heart, and I am inspired. This never happened to me, but it is really sad. Thanks to you, I learned something today. And I am sorry that you went through this bad thing.

  • Harley Sweeney by Harley Sweeney
  • 8 years ago

I went through this too and hoped and prayed that he wouldn't find me but you helped me so much. I am 13 years old now and finally told someone, so thanks so much, your poem was great, if it helps me it may help someone else.

  • Thomas Dowling by Thomas Dowling
  • 11 years ago

Hi man I completely feel you, It wasn't my cousin but my sister was abused by her dad and when I heard about I didn't know what to do, I ran to her and hugged her and I didn't let go. Let God be with you and your cousin. Thanks.

  • Anonymous by Anonymous, Mn
  • 8 years ago

Your poem really touched me. These things happened to me when I was younger, and this poem inspires me to never pretend that abuse it okay. Thank you, and your poem is amazing.

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