Angry Poem about Family

I'm Not Like You

This poem is how I feel. Even if I'm ashamed of it, it's a big part of my life and changed me.

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I can relate to that. My father is just like that, except my father smokes and puts my younger brother over me and he does that with his wife (also known as my step mother). I hate her. She...

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Published: July 2008

You are blind
You can never see
All the anger built up in me
I hated life
I wanted out
You didn't care
You would just shout

I felt so alone
Thought I didn't need anyone
Turns out I just needed a mum

The black sheep
I was never apart
Furthest away from your heart
Things have changed
I'm growing old
I don't need you
You still feel cold

I'm now out of sight
Out of mind
I don't need you, I'll do alright
I don't need your blessing
Or your cash
Without your help I'll make a splash
Land on my feet with a crash

I'm happier than ever
My life's brand new
And most of all
I'm not like you.



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  • Bailie Rohr by Bailie Rohr
  • 2 years ago

I absolutely love this poem. It touched me like you will never know. My dad and I don't have a good relationship and never really did, and this explains perfectly what I want to do to him and say to him. Thank you for writing this.

  • India by India
  • 5 years ago

Love this poem. It speaks what I want to but can't because I'm in emotional bondage.

  • Jessica by Jessica, Maryland
  • 5 years ago

So, my mom has been an alcoholic for almost my whole life (I'm 15). She is a narcissist and she is a control freak on steroids. Where we put pillows on our bed makes her yell. It would be funny but I hurt so bad. Anyway, my mom wants to divorce my dad (he is a great man but he has flaws) but she realized that her drinking a bottle and a half of wine EVERY NIGHT hurt us so she stopped. For about a month. I love her but when she stopped I was so proud. Then on thanksgiving she drove off to buy wine. She drank it like it was nothing. I guess my disappointment showed because she asked "heyy-baby-you-okayyy?" I told her I felt betrayed and she snapped and screamed "it's okay to drink still! I can still drink! Who says you can tell me what to do?! I never talked to my mother that way! Fuck you!" And she stormed off. Then last night she started drinking again. I broke down. Completely. I slammed the door and ran into the rain and I threw things and cussed but I'm not like you mom. Never.

  • Yasmin C by Yasmin C
  • 2 years ago

I can relate to that. My father is just like that, except my father smokes and puts my younger brother over me and he does that with his wife (also known as my step mother). I hate her. She is always trying to find a way to start trouble for me. My father has been in jail a lot, most of my life really. He never come to my birthday party, no matter how many times I remind him, and what is the saddest is that he wasn't there for when my mom gave birth to me, either. If you think that is messed up, there is a whole lot more you don't know about. And I just started middle school.

  • Courtney by Courtney, Tennessee
  • 9 years ago

I truly love this. It is exactly how I feel about my father. We used to be one of the happiest families until he got remarried and everything changed about him. It is amazing how every word in this fits into my life. It feels good to know I'm not alone. Thank you for the words.

  • Cristina by Cristina
  • 10 years ago

You took the words out of my mouth about how I feel about my own mother. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alex by Alex
  • 10 years ago's just fantastic! it's exactly how I feel right. I love it.

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