Winter Poem

I am Ryan Richard Nych, a teacher at a small Pennsylvania city school district. In this poem, I was writing about the images and sensory details as I stepped outside on a cold night to give the chickens and ducks fresh water. I was overcome by the conditions of cold and early nights. I had a small notebook in my pocket and wrote this poem. Sometimes during summer, I miss winter; this was so I can remember the bitter times, too.

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Images In A Moment Of Time


Published by Family Friend Poems January 2018 with permission of the Author.

Bleak winter sunset with sky of lavender.
Winter pears cling like dead, crinkled ornaments
from gnarled branches,
unwilling to let summer go from arthritic grip.
The stray cat, dread-locked and dirty,
an enemy of the farm, comes out
from under the abandoned neighboring porch,
stalking slowly toward our grey barn.
Both hope to disappear in the twilight.
The frigid snow cracks and crunches beneath my boot tread.
The cat seems startled and slinks back to a decrepit shelter.
Far too long since that house has held laughter and light.
Seems fitting for a lone cat to seek refuge at that house,
the Winter Home, the abandoned shack, the forgotten prospect,
frozen forever in time.
Forever frozen.


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