True Love Poem

Joyful Gratitude

Quatrains in 8-count/ Iambic pentameter/ ABAB rhyme scheme.

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Joy's Waking Song

Susan A. Capozzi © more by Susan A. Capozzi

Published by Family Friend Poems February 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Each moment's rising woes belong
beneath a fleeting starlit night;
in you, I hear joy's waking song ...
dire darkness withers far from sight.

What magic lies within your soul,
dares harness this unquiet mind?
A patient sculptor melding whole,
unveiling wonders -- redefined.

Like holy water 'pon my skin,
your gently-cleansing touches rain.
All worries fade away ... wherein,
love chimes in echoing sustain.

In you, I've found my hiding place;
its restful haven shelters me.
As morning's sun reveals true grace,
lone sparrow's wings soar high 'n free.

How glorious views soon appear,
enlightens wisdom truly told;
'Tis looking glass beams brightly clear,
soft teary eyes of speckled gold.


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