Bullying Poem

I'm in eighth grade and I've been bullied all throughout middle school. Even though lots of people hurt me, one stands out from all the others. I believe he might realize what he's done, but it will be too late to apologize. All I have to say is...karma.

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Karma's Coming Your Way!


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2011 with permission of the Author.

I go to school
There you are
Laughing about what I am
Giving me scars
My heart is ripped open
My mind filled with thoughts of rage
Your words have me trapped
Within an iron cage

I cannot escape it
No matter where I go
My mind will be blank
Then your image follows
I see you as another
Who drains the life out of me
With your obsessive tormenting
You smile with glee

Have you accomplished something
Was this your goal
To kill my heart
Then leave me trapped in a hole
I wouldn't give revenge
That would make me the same
Just watch your back
Karma's coming your way!


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