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Standing Up Against Bullying

I have been bullied and harassed by so many. Every day of my life it's a new story, a new lie, a new rumor; at school, at home, everywhere around me people would stop and stare at me, the girl with no home, no friends, only scars to keep me company and a blade to keep me sane. They are my only true friends. People would laugh, some would show sympathy, but no one ever helped me. Now I want to help, not just be a bystander. I know what it's like. I love everyone and no one should feel that pain.

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This was quite personal and filled with imagery. I was touched by it. A very well thought-out piece.

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The Bystander


Published: May 16, 2017

I see you.
I see them.
I hear what they say to you.
I hear you sitting in the bathroom weeping; crying out for help.
I was you once upon a time.
I was that person hiding my wrists
So they couldn't see what they do to me.
Now I'm just the bystander.
I want to help you, but I couldn't even help myself.
I tell them to stop, but they aren't going to listen.
They don't know what they do to you, but I do.
I see the cracks between your broken smile,
The tears covered up in the fake happiness in your eyes.
I remember how I felt, so now I'm going to change it.
It's time for me to step up.
It's time to make sure I end it, before you end your life.
That's what you want to do because of them... isn't it?
You want to end your life, but that will only make them win.
I told the nurse what happened to you today.
I don't think you will have to worry about them anymore.
I will no longer be just another bystander.
I will stand up for what is the best for you,
Because I would want you to do the same for me.



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  • by Jeffpend3
  • 10 months ago

This was quite personal and filled with imagery. I was touched by it. A very well thought-out piece.

  • by Andrea
  • 10 months ago

My daughter was bullied for years. She is strong and wonderful and was able to get through and shine because she had people around her who fought for her and stood up for her. They were more than just bystanders. I love this poem.

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