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Poem From Daughter To Father

A daughter writes to her father. You have not been in my life since you walked out years ago. You didn't send a letter or even a card. This is your last chance to be in my life before I give you up as "lost cause."

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This is a poem that made me revisit the pain and suffering I saw my friend go through when her mother and father decided to separate. I could see him slipping into silence and depression....

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Last Chance


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2006 with permission of the Author.

You walked out on us
And never said goodbye
In fifteen years you haven't called
Not even to say hi

It tears me up inside
To feel like I'm alone
You've never been a part of my life
And now I'm almost grown

Why couldn't you just call
Or maybe send a card
If you couldn't afford either of those
A letter's not that hard

So many things have happened
That you haven't been there to see
You've missed out on so much
You've missed out on me

So I'm giving you a second chance
To step up and be a dad
But this one is your last one
So take it and be glad


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  • Nidhi Rana by Nidhi Rana
  • 3 years ago

This is a poem that made me revisit the pain and suffering I saw my friend go through when her mother and father decided to separate. I could see him slipping into silence and depression. When I now look back at it I see how a young child's mind cannot comprehend why his father would want to go away from him. The feeling of being unwanted stays a long time. The difficulty of trusting someone completely actually made him go through a lot of problems in his own relations. It is an extremely sad situation to be in for anyone.

  • Sarah My Little Pony by Sarah My Little Pony
  • 6 years ago

This really is a poem about life. My father walked out of my life along with my two brothers and a sister 13 years ago. He was never there to do anything with us except the few times that he wanted to play Daddy, but when he did that it was always with my sister and brother, never me. The last time he was around was shortly before my mom had my baby brother 6 years ago.

  • Ken by Ken, Queensland Australia
  • 10 years ago

Great poem, with meaning. The poets are still and always be our sensor of history and our meaning of Life.

  • Chrisa Pelland by Chrisa Pelland
  • 10 years ago

I can't help by commenting on these posts. I first want to point out. It's always the parents responsibility to stay in contact and make the effort with the child. It has to start early because when the child gets older the hurt feelings will my not ever go away. It might impact their relationships and create a whole set of insecurities.

  • Estelle by Estelle
  • 7 years ago

You are so wrong. I am an abused woman, all my life, mentally and physically by my abusers. My mother abused me as my father and siblings watched on. I had to disconnect from them because they won't stop. My daughter saw and heard it for years. She disconnected from me to be with them.. I tried to still be with her even tough I hurt. I now have PTSD from all this. She never reply's to me, she hates me for disconnecting from my abusers.

  • Jean Valjean by Jean Valjean
  • 10 years ago

It saddens me to see so much unforgiveness and bitterness. Bitterness is like a cup of poison that you drink hoping it kills the other guy. Dads should NOT walk out on their children but open your arms of forgiveness, I beg you on his behalf. Perhaps he has not come back because he feels he will be shunned like other people in his life may have. "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."

  • Brittany Brooks by Brittany Brooks, Georgia
  • 11 years ago

This is what I am so worried about with my two year old little girl...her father has not really been around has never even bought her a thing not even a pack of diapers. he only pops up when it suits him. and I don't want her to go through that hurt that so many children have, I was lucky and have an amazing father that would do anything for me and that's what I want for her.

  • Ashley by Ashley, NC
  • 12 years ago

This is the perfect example of my life. My mother and father divorced when I was eight, my sister was three, and my brother two. My father disappeared out of our lives for four years, later to return and conceive another child with my mother. There was never any phone calls, birthday cards or Christmas, not even a letter. As anyone could imagine this hurt us a great deal, we always thought he never loved or wanted us but somehow we all managed to make it through, it was hard. I didn't see him until 14 years later, he missed out on so much. But through my other siblings I contacted him to try and establish a relationship, but although I tried he never wanted it, I came to realize he can never get those years back, and as long as he's been gone, I kind of got use to not having him so therefore it doesn't hurt as much, I seem to think that one day he will realize what he's done, but I can only put everything in gods hands and pray!!

  • Aleeza Khan by Aleeza Khan
  • 13 years ago

This poem is like my life story. I'm 16 now and I was a kid when my dad went to the USA well he went for his job. I used to miss him a lot and I never got dads love and in 2006 he got cancer. I thought he will get well soon but than one day I went to my friend house and my uncle came and told me that lets go. I was very surprised that my uncle came to pick me up. I asked my uncle he told me that your dad called. I was very happy because I hadn't talked to my dad for months but when I reached home I saw people were crying and my cousin told my your dad died. That was the day I will never forget that day.

  • Jennifer by Jennifer
  • 13 years ago

I'm 15 and I only see my dad when my sister makes me. When I was little he told me that if he had to choose between me and my sister he would choose her. So from that point on I really didn't talk to him much. He always remembered everything about her. She always got stuff for her birthday and for Christmas but he never remembered mine. When I started to be a dancer I wanted him to come see me dance, and he told me he would but when the day came and he never showed. But when me sister needs him he always helps her. I want him in my life but he doesn't seem to want to be in mine and he has missed out on a lot in my life.

  • Jamaica by Jamaica
  • 13 years ago

This poem is so touching, it makes me feel so emotional, because I'm in the same situation right now with my dad. I've given him so many chances, but each time he blows it. I really came to the conclusion that may be its best that we do not communicate.

  • London by London
  • 13 years ago

I was there for as long as she wanted. Jealousy & insecurity that I never saw eroded our bond. Advice, I received from those around, I followed, to the continued detriment of our loving relationship. A conscious choice to keep me away, which hurts so much for me to say. I'm no longer Dad to my little girl, who I love so much and forever will. She will never know the pain she inflicts, on me her DAD. I'm the man who fought for her life when her mum didn't want another child. I was the one who kept her safe, cleaned & took care of her; helped her to read and read her stories of 'Far away Tree'. I took her to school, cooked her meals; I am the Dad who went to parents evenings and school plays - until she stopped me - kept me away - did not invite - not return phone calls nor e-mails. She judges me on fragmented conversation... having a piece or two of a billion piece jigsaw - believes she knows the full picture. So hurting me is..!! by changing her name and calls a stranger Dad! Do You?

  • Taneshia Jones by Taneshia Jones
  • 14 years ago

I like this poem because it describes my dad hasn't been there for me and still isn't and now I'm about to be 15 years old

  • Chantal Hakkesteegt by Chantal Hakkesteegt
  • 14 years ago

this reminds me of my dad. When my parents divorced, he left without a care. He always wrote my brother, gave him presents, and I didn't even get a card for my birthday. My first performance as a singer he didn't see, he never heard me sing, he didn't know who my first boyfriend was. He missed every important step in my life. But he's out of chances now. I gave him too much of them...

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