Loving Poem about Family

A woman writes about a bigger family than just her own. It is the family of her race, and she is proud to belong.

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I'm Latino Proud


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2006 with permission of the Author.

I was born
into this race
I'm Latino Proud
And it shows on my face

When it comes to family
We defend our own kind
Something in others
You'll never find

We work out in the hot sun
To earn our daily bread
But that's all right
We keep our family fed

We're known for our tortillas
Our beans and our rice
A few jalapenos
For a touch of spice

Sometimes we are bad
And get sent to jail
It's all so sad
When we can't make bail

It's guys like that
Who give our race a bad name
I'm still Latino Proud
And I say it with no shame

Chicano here
Hispanic there
What's the difference
When the others don't care

We walk with our heads up
Each and every mile
I'm Latino Proud
And for that I can smile!


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