Sister Death Poem

Poem On Mourning Loss Of Teen Sister

In loving Memory of Megan Botha, my little sister who passed away very tragically at the age of 17.

6/3/1990 - 8/2/2008

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Little Megan Went To Heaven


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015

Little Megan went to heaven and a tear fell from my eye,
But now my little sister is swinging from cloud to cloud in the sky.

I lost a sister that I love like the sun rays love the land,
Without her here it scares me so, for I'll never understand,
Why did she have to go so soon, so far before you or I?
I wish the Lord would tell me why my sister had to die.

Friends forever is what we said when we were very young,
But now it is amazing that only the memories will live on.
Pictures I see of you and me make me very happy,
But that's all that's left behind,
For I'll never hear you laugh again or ever see you smile.

I wish this heartache would lessen,
I wish this pain would be gone.
'Til one day I understand why God came and took your hand.

But sister so sweet, rest in peace on the clouds above and make yourself at home,
For now your time on Earth is done and we must carry on.

Sisters FOREVER!!

In loving memory of Megan Botha
6/3/1990 - 8/2/2008 (17 Years Old)


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