Baby Poem

My Baby Daughter And How Fast She Is Growing

This poem is about my daughter and my struggle with being so tired but not wanting to miss a moment with her.

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Little One


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2019 with permission of the Author.

It's been a long day, little one.
You've tired me right out.
As bed time came around,
I rocked you right to sleep.

We've had a rough day, little one.
You fussed quite a bit.
When our day came to an end,
I sang you right to sleep

My body is sore, little one.
You barely let me put you down.
When the sun set,
I hugged you close to sleep.

Mommy is tired, little one.
You didn't nap at all
When the moon came out
You fell right to sleep.

Time won't stop, little one.
The days are getting shorter
So when bedtime came around,
I rocked you a little longer.

Please slow down, little one.
I'm noticing you grow so fast,
So when our day came to an end,
I sang to you a little longer.

You amaze me, little one.
You are learning every day,
So when the sun set
I hugged you close a little longer.

It's getting hard for me, little one.
I know you won't need me as much soon.
So when the moon came out,
I watched you sleep a little longer.


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