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Feelings Of Losing A Friend

I wrote this poem in the memory of my friend who passed away in 2006. Sometimes people don't understand what you're going through when things like this happen. To me, writing this poem helped me out a lot with moving on and continuing in life even though I don't have my best friend here with me. I hope that by writing this poem I can influence people to be able to show their feelings in a different way like I did.

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Losing A Loved One


Published: June 2015

Losing a loved one can be the worst feeling,
Like when your heart is hurting and in need of healing.

You feel like yelling, shouting, and crying,
Like nothing else in the world matters and you just feel like dying.

You fake it, put a smile on your face, and try to forget,
But in your head all you can think about is how much you regret:

Not telling them how much you appreciated them always by your side,
And listening to the good and bad things you just couldn't hide.

You wish you could have them here with you just one more day,
To tell them why they have left you, how you feel, and to please just stay!

But there are things that won't happen and never will.
Just always remember:

That even though death has ripped you apart,
Your loved one will always be in your heart.


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