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Some may think it's just a poem by a teenager in lust. Yes, it's corny and exaggerated. However, it's not an excuse to talk about a crush. I've only met him once. For me, this poem means something because I wrote it in the midst of my confusion about my strong feelings. I barely know the guy, yet, and this is cliché, I can't get him out of my mind. I'm usually very casual with guys, but I had to try really hard to act normal.

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My story...I'm a 7th grader who has a crush on a 8th grader. Oh boy... I didn't realize I had feelings for him until just recently. I was waiting outside my classroom for something when he...

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Love? No. Fate? I Think So

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Published: November 2011

I knew the day we met
That we were meant to be.
I knew our fate was set,
That you were the one for me.

I didn't even know you.
I only knew your name.
I wasn't sure what to do.
I didn't know who to blame.

I knew I found you attractive.
I could tell that you were nice.
The butterflies were so active
That I couldn't think twice.

Everything I did that day
Didn't show you who I am.
Every time you came my way
My heart began to ram.

My actions weren't natural.
My reactions weren't real.
I felt so very terrible,
But my heart I did not wield.

And when the group said goodbye to me,
My eyes were fixed on you.
I knew I was trying to see
If you felt the same way too.

I liked you when I saw your face,
But maybe it was the touch.
My heart had begun to race.
I already liked you too much.

I knew the day we met
That we were meant to be.
I knew our fate was set
As friends, as lovers, as enemies.



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  • Kadie by Kadie
  • 4 months ago

I met my crush in January 2019. At first I thought he was going to just be a good friend, but as time went on he did many gestures that made me like him more and more. We shared secrets, he'd tell me about video games I didn't know, he gave me lists of music, and just treated me with respect that no guy had ever given me. I'm very overweight, self-aware, paranoid and anxiety ridden. One day in many people whispered and called me terrible names and that nobody would ever love me. I was hurt by this, as many people would've been and then I told this to him, and he told me that he would be there for me and that I deserved to be loved just as much as anyone else and he gave me a hug for at least a minute. I love this guy, and our mutual friends tell me he likes me back and I'd do anything to see him smile. Thing is he's in 7th grade and I'm in 8th grade and I'm going to HS next year.

  • Bethany by Bethany
  • 8 months ago

I have a crush on this boy. He is my non-biological twin. We have known each other since second grade. We are now both 13 and in seventh grade. It's really awkward because he has a girlfriend who hates me. But he's all I can think about day and night. He doesn't know, and I'm debating whether to tell him or not.

  • Audriana Orozco by Audriana Orozco
  • 1 month ago

I am a seventh grader. I like a guy named Ian. At first, I didn't know what I felt for him. We were really close friends. Then, I told my ex-boyfriend. He told Ian and now we just talk once in a while. I told him I like him, but when we are close to each other, I feel weird. He has a girlfriend. I hope he and I have a relationship sometime this year. I stand there and look at him at lunch until our eyes meet. His dark brown eyes I will never forget. I think about him day and night and don't know if he feels the same for me. I really like him, but I think it won't happen.

  • Irene Bae by Irene Bae
  • 1 year ago

I have a crush on a very smart person. He was the valedictorian, and I had a crush on him since 9th grade, even when I was at a different school. He really doesn’t know about me, but that changed when my friends teased me every time we bumped into him. However, he only knew my name because we were in different classes. I added him on FB so that I would have a chance to communicate with him, though I only have the chance occasionally. Now we graduated high school, and my hopes have been downsized because I know he will go to a very famous university, and I’m not yet sure where I will enroll. Now I lost the chance to get to know him. I really like him, and he inspires me a lot in my studies. But I know there are many girls who like him too, so my chance will him would probably be 10%. He’s really hard to reach and so far away from me. I only hope that someday he’ll notice me and we will get to bump into each other again. I will hope that he still remembers me.

  • KittyCatGirl by KittyCatGirl, Untied Kingdom
  • 1 year ago

This really helped me. I'm going to write it down on a piece of paper and put it in my crush's bag! Secret poem!

  • Mal M by Mal M
  • 2 years ago

I met this amazing guy at a convention a little while back but never asked for his number. I came to day three, ready to plop down next to him and just ask, but I never found him. I think about him all the time and have so much regret. I only know his name and that he'll probably be there next year. That's what I think of when I read this poem. I hate how much I loved this piece.

  • Anonomys by Anonomys
  • 2 years ago

This guy used to like me and I liked him back. I was waiting for him to make his move, but he didn't. I waited, but he didn't do anything. He wanted to get over me because I didn't express myself. He thought I had no feelings for him, but little did he know I always thought of him. I even thought about my future with him. Well he did move on and started to like my cousin. That day was terrible when I found out. I still love him with all my heart.

  • Mike Cyr by Mike Cyr
  • 2 years ago

So I grew up with my best friend Brett and his sister. Over the years I started to have a crush on her, to later find out she liked me also. Our first kiss was a shock to me, but I was excited to see what was in store for our relationship. Little did she know I was going to ask her to be mine. She immediately shut me down and told me it was her fault. In reality I let my emotions take over. I was stupid to ever think a beautiful girl like that would ever want to be with a guy like me...

  • Alina _____  ___________ by Alina _____ ___________
  • 2 years ago

Every girl likes a nice man. Tell your friend Brett. He may freak out, but you shouldn't hide it, or he will be furious! Then think of what to tell her before bed. In the morning think of what you said you would say in your mind. Believe in yourself! I believe your words may help. Don't be too forward. Start with being friends for a week. Then flirt with her. Compliment her! Every girl loves a compliment. Then a few days later ask again. If she rejects you, she likes some other guy. Sorry if she doesn't except.

  • Pua by Pua
  • 2 years ago

I am a ninth grader who has a crush on my best guy friend, but I feel like I would get rejected because I am a klutz, have depression, and am not pretty. But he loves me anyway, so how do I tell him? And Valentine's Day is coming up. Please help me.

  • Jasmine by Jasmine
  • 2 years ago

Breathe in and smile. Then organize a nice picnic at the beach at sunset. Then when sunset occurs, tell him. Oops, I almost forgot, wear a glamorous dress with nice heels and have your hair in a French hairstyle.

  • Jordan Flowers by Jordan Flowers
  • 2 years ago

From a guys POV I have to say to get with him privately at some point and tell him how you feel. Make him some food like cookies or brownies. All guys love brownies and cookies. But just be honest with him tell him how you really feel.

  • Sienna Ross by Sienna Ross
  • 2 years ago

My story...I'm a 7th grader who has a crush on a 8th grader. Oh boy... I didn't realize I had feelings for him until just recently. I was waiting outside my classroom for something when he walks by and says, "Hey, Sienna," and smiles, pats me on the head. I'm like 5'1 and he's 6 foot, so he's pretty tall. And for some reason, the way he smiled, his charming blue eyes, his muscular body, his gentle but messy light brown hair made me blush. I couldn't get enough. I quickly realized he was just smiling at me and said teasingly "Sienna, having a moment?" I laughed and hit his arm then turned away. He walked off. I can't tell what I'm feeling, but I want more. He sees me as a sister, nothing more....what do I do? I want him to see me as something....something more than a sister...maybe lovers? How do I express how I feel? But I don't just want a meal... I want a buffet. I don't just want a brother...I want a lover. I hope you sweep me off my feet.

  • Henry by Henry
  • 3 months ago

You have to let him know how you feel. If you don't, then there will never be a chance. If you wait for him to make the first move, then it will never happen because you want more, but he sees you as a sister. Bring it to his attention and then he might realize he likes you back.

  • Madison Brown by Madison Brown
  • 2 years ago

He's right in front of you. His hair in perfect strands. His smile lights up your world even if he doesn't know it. You notice every little detail about him, every flaw and perfection. He's your favorite heartbreak; he's your favorite laugh. His eyes are your favorite thing to look at. His voice is your favorite thing to hear. You've never felt this way about anyone before. Your heart speeds up, your stomach is full of butterflies... At this moment you knew you were madly falling in love.

  • Cheha by Cheha
  • 2 years ago

My crush is a family friend. We have been friends for about 13 years, and I started to grow an affection towards him from 12 years onwards. I can't remember how I first started to like him, but now I have many reasons: his handsome smile, gorgeous face, etc... I started to compose poems about my crush on May 15, 2015, and I am still continuing. Now I almost have a book of poems. Although I love him this much, I can't confess my feelings to him. I am afraid he might refuse me and our friendship would end.

My story is different from others, because normally other people get to see their crush daily or weekly, but for the last whole year I have seen him only for about 4 or 5 times. But my love for him increases day by day, and now I can't forget him, although I want to. I don't know whether he has a girlfriend or not, but I will love him until I die.

  • Mattdyd by Mattdyd
  • 2 years ago

Cheha, it doesn't matter how long you have known him, you need to let him know your feelings no matter what. If not, you're going to feel way worse when he begins to get interested in other girls. One of my favorite quotes is, "Creating a friendship with someone before dating is so amazing, it really does make your relationship so strong." Understand telling him is important. I won't lie to you, if he says he doesn't feel the same way, it will hurt for a while, but you can get over it and move on if that is so, or he could agree with you and it could work out.

  • Katie by Katie
  • 2 years ago

My best friend is 2 years older than me and her brother is 4 months older than me. I have a 1000% crush on her brother, but I can't tell her because it might hurt the friendship. I can't go out with him without her knowing I like him. WHAT DO I DO?!?!!?!??

  • Bethany by Bethany
  • 3 months ago

If you really like him, just tell him. And if your friend is really your friend, she will understand. And if she doesn't then you don't deserve her as a friend.

  • Nnammam by Nnammam
  • 9 months ago

If you really like him, your friend will understand. Your friend has no right to tell you who you can love.

  • Michaela by Michaela, Canada
  • 3 years ago

So here goes my story... I have a crush on this guy with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, and this incredible voice, and if I could make a list of everything, I would do it but not today. Anyways, here comes the funny part, he is at my school but if you see him, he looks like he is 18 but he is not. He is 16, this means he is younger than me. We are good friends but not too close. Every time we talk I start to blush and to feel butterflies all around me and it is so strange because I have never felt something like this before.

  • Jordan by Jordan, PA
  • 4 years ago

This is how I feel about my crush as well.... He has the most amazing deep voice and smile. When he looks at me I feel like I might either faint or melt... He looks like he is 18 but he is not. I'm still going through shock when I found out that we're both 16. I never thought he would be in my grade and age, while still looking incredibly handsome.
This poem is now one of my favorites on here so keep up the good work and as my family says to me, "Never stop writing girl!! For if you do, you will lose a spark you never knew you had."

  • Jessica by Jessica, Utah
  • 5 years ago

My story is going to be like all the others out there. I like this guy at school, and when I first met him, I liked him immediately but I acted like I hated him. I regret that now, because I really like him, but I am not really friends with him so we can't talk that much. He is so hot! Imagine a guy with perfect dark-ish skin, brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a perfect personality. We both get good grades, we both think the exact same way, we both have never watched a Super Bowl in our entire life; we have tons of similarities and it would take like five pages to list them all. He is like the boy version of me! ( except I have blonde hair and light skin and blue eyes) I have been going crazy trying to get him to notice me, or at least talk to me every once in a while. I think it's working because in one of my classes with him, he always turns around and talks to me. I resist the urge to tell him how I really feel, because I am afraid he will laugh in my face. Also, my whole grade thinks I like a different guy, and he likes me so I don't want to hurt his feelings or make him hate me.

  • Taylor by Taylor, Waycross
  • 5 years ago

Me to Katy. I have a crush on a 5th grader and I'm in the 7th grade. I don't know if he likes me though. He knows I like him but he has a girlfriend. He is so sweet and cute. I can't barely even talk to him because I don't know what to say. What should I do??????

  • Sierra Sweets by Sierra Sweets
  • 5 years ago

This is funny because I got on here looking for poems that like your friend boyfriend (In all fairness he was my boyfriend first so...) Then I seen this and automatically thought about the guy I first seen in the lunch line. I am a high schooler and in high school... ppl are aggressive for food. So him and his group come up and try to cut me. So I turned to about flipping out on them then I seen him and I shut my mouth and stared. He was laughing with this jerk in my child development class. I just felt like if he was to ask me out right then and there I would say DUH! He isn't even that cute and he hangs out with the druggies so he is the last person I would expect to feel this way about. Then one day I was staring at him after letting him cut me in line and seen.... the last name of a girl I really hate. Turns out he is her cousin. Kill me now

  • Melissa by Melissa, Texas
  • 6 years ago

I have a crush on a boy in the other six grade class. I think he is cute but I don't know if he likes me or not. I try to talk to him except I never know what to say. This poem is actually how I feel about him.

  • Shanny by Shanny, New York
  • 6 years ago

There is this guy I like, he is like my best friend, and probably the greatest guy I've met. He is super sweet, charming, HILARIOUS, and so so smart. Well he has become my best friend and we are really close. Anyone who talks to us or doesn't know us very well thinks that we are going out. I like him so much but I don't know what he thinks of me. I'm scared to ask because I don't know If I'll like the answer...

  • Jessica by Jessica, Texas
  • 6 years ago

There is this guy at school I like. He knows I like him. But he has never said he liked me or anything. I doubted our friendship and whether or not he was playing me. Some say he is and some say he is not. We are friends and I don't know if he likes me back. He keeps on touching me and smiling at me at random moments, but I still am afraid that he likes my friend. Every girl likes him, but not the way I do! He knows I am special so, does he like me? I do not know...

  • Katy by Katy
  • 7 years ago

I have a crush on one of my brothers friends, but he is in 5th grade and I'm in 7th. It really makes me sad and I doubt he really likes me in that way. but he thinks all the same ways I do and he backs me up. He is one of those people that you miss after they leave. but now I'm not sure if I love him or if we are just friends. I guess I really haven't thought about it. not that I would mind if he loved me:) [I have only met him during an hour-long car ride to take them to boyscout camp]

  • Abhishek Khajuria by Abhishek Khajuria
  • 2 years ago

I wanna see if you feel some butterflies in your stomach when he is around...if you just smile for no reason when he is talking to you...if you feel nervous to start the conversation or any chats. Then believe you me, he is not just our friend but something more than that.

  • Abby by Abby
  • 7 years ago

This is amazing, I met this boy at camp and this was how I felt the whole time! Thank you so much for writing this!

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