Drug Abuse Poem

Poem About Drug Withdrawal

These were my thoughts and feelings during a brief time of abstaining from crystal meth. I am happy to say that today I am clean and sober and have been for 15 months! I hope you enjoy the poem.

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You're like a bad friend who is never there for me, but yet I trust you more than I trust myself. I don't trust anyone, but oddly I trust the one thing that's bad for me. Yes, you were there...

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Published: January 2016

Time is consuming.
I struggle removing
temptation and sorrow
for a better tomorrow.
Life is confusing.
I'm tired of losing
in hopes that I'll find
some peace in my mind.
Distorted perception,
thoughts of deception,
memories that are haunting
of the drug I'm still wanting.
Complex situations,
illogical insinuations.
Consumed by fear
from the voices I hear,
telling me to quit fighting.
I get tired of re-lighting
the flame of my soul,
relocating a goal,
for the strength to carry out,
and remove my self-doubt,
to beat my addiction,
and inner confliction.
Let go of my shame,
break free from this pain.
Chainless and free,
for the chance to see
life without depression,
feelings without suppression.
If it's over too easily,
that'll just tease me.
Plotting an attack
on getting you back
for all of this time
you controlled my mind.
Following through,
I'll say, then I'll do
to leave you behind
and never rewind
to suicidal denial,
'cause now I can smile
in knowing I'm free,
'cause I've finally found me.



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  • Obango David Onyando by Obango David Onyando
  • 1 year ago

It's hard believing you are my ex, but I love being your ex. Life without you is precious, marvelously splendid. You confused me, took my curiosity, consciousness and almost ruined my ambitions in life. Together we crept in silence and made huge explosions. Alone in severe depression you left me weeping! What a friend for nothing but depletion! Race to life has just begun, even though it's negatively affected. I'll go, walking, running, and even jump it all alone to reach my destination, touch the fruits of our divorce, and make me a champion.

  • Heather by Heather
  • 2 years ago

You're like a bad friend who is never there for me, but yet I trust you more than I trust myself. I don't trust anyone, but oddly I trust the one thing that's bad for me. Yes, you were there with me through the darkest years of my life. You are the darkness, the darkest thing in my life! I'll never get anywhere as long as you're around. Your game is good, I know. You get to me at my weakest. You're afraid when I'm strong. You'll always be scared to admit that you're wrong for me. Sometimes it's hard not to think about you! All I want is to taste you, to feel you on my lips as I inhale your poisonous love, and forget about all the problems surrounding me, but I only give it a couple hours, maybe not even minutes before I'm lonely and back down begging on my knees for you to come back to me. One day we'll see that this life we were once caught sharing was never what we wanted. It was never meant to be. One day I'll give myself exactly what I need and you're gonna stay away from me.

  • Kaitlyn Sue Ann Worsham by Kaitlyn Sue Ann Worsham
  • 2 years ago

First the dope will take away your pain...
Then it will take away your home,
your friends, your family, your self-respect.
Soon it will take away everything,
and you will be left with nothing
but the pain you were trying to escape.

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