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My wife, Stacy Heath, passed away on 11/6/11, at age 37, of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This is the most rare and most aggressive breast cancer there is. Most medical teams have never seen it. It does NOT present as a lump. It is automatically stage III when diagnosed, if not stage IV. This is a poem I wrote for her birthday months after she had passed away.

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Miss You On Your Birthday


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013 with permission of the Author.

Dear Stacy,

All I ever wanted in this life
Was for you to be my beautiful wife.
I've cried every day since you went away
Wondering how I could make you stay.

I miss the days when you would cook
I loved to watch you read a book.
I think about you every minute every day
You were just so great in every way.

Let's go to dinner! That sounds fine.
You always ordered a Coke and wine.
I'd drop you off every time at the door.
"I'll bring your sweater!" to warm your core.

You looked so pretty and smelled so nice.
I got very lucky when I rolled the dice.
Flowers and cards, you loved them all,
Especially the peonies in the fall.

I could pick you out in any crowd.
"That's my Baby!"  I was SO proud.
You'd smile at me, and then I knew
I'd get to go home and be with you.

We had our own language, words to speak
New phrases and words every week.
Some were dorky, you'd shake your head,
But I always laughed at the ones you said.

How lucky was I to have you here.
I always smiled when you were near.
You blessed my life with love and joy,
Especially when you brought home our little boy.

We loved to travel to places afar,
No matter if by plane or car.
You really knew how to plan a trip
And all the great wines that we should sip.

I miss the laughs and all the fun.
I still can't believe that it's all done.
You are a beautiful angel in my heart
Even when you blasted a "chemo fart"!

You taught me a lot about how to live,
How to love, and how to give.
Now I do it on my own,
But you are with me, I'm not alone.

Through the bedroom door I go each day.
"Hi, my Baby!" is what I say.
Everything here reminds me of
All the things about you that I love.

Clothes, shoes, and even perfume.
All the things that are in our room
Remind me of my love for you
And make me smile when I feel blue.

I wish that you were here with me.
I'd even watch that dumb show Glee.
I'd get you ice cream and rub your feet.
I'd let you sit in my recliner seat!

I never knew the right words to songs.
You'd always help me when I was wrong.
Sometimes it was a purposeful gaffe
Just so I could make you laugh.

Cooking is something I could not do.
Cleaning the dishes I loved doing for you.
I could not make you something out of wood,
But I could make the yard look good.

You want me to be happy in this life
That's not easy without my wife.
But for every day that now goes by,
You quietly remind me of what, where, and why.

I wish that I could trade places with you
For all the pain that you went through.
You smiled and stood above the crowd.
Your family and friends are very proud.

I know I'm a dork and cannot dance,
But I'm so very thankful you gave me a chance
To try in other ways to love and serve
To give you all that you deserved.

There was only one chance in my life
For you to be my beautiful wife.
You were so gracious and giving for all to see.
I'm glad you chose to be with me.

Happy birthday, my Baby. I love you.


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