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My soul, heart, and life was taken from me on September 6, 2013. I had been married 3 times prior, but this time I met my soulmate, my everything. We were the best of friends, the best of lovers. She was ill when we met, but I thought love could conquer anything. I rushed home to find my wife with only moments to live. Her little body was shutting down, and I could not fix her...she told me ALL the time I could fix anything and I was a true man...I couldn't fix her, and I failed.

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Hello, my name is Patrick. It's so hard to type this, and am still in shock that I am doing so, but my gorgeous/brave/free_spirited wife who was only 33 years old passed away 2 weeks ago...

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My Bride


Published: April 2014

When I had you, I was afraid to die.
Now that you're gone, death is my friend; he is by my side.
If he takes me today, I will go with a smile.
Let others cope and heal for awhile.
Selfish? Why, yes, I am that for sure.
They are stronger than I, and this pain I cannot endure.
So death take me today, next month or year.
Death, I am ready, and you I do not fear.


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  • Ralph F Mosca by Ralph F Mosca
  • 6 months ago

This is exactly how I feel. My wife was killed on January 13, 2021. She waas hit by a car. She was only 26. I am 42. I first met her when she was 18 and going to college to be a nurse. I waited till she was 24 when she was ready to be with me. I was the luckiest man alive and I worshipped her every day. I'm completely broken and can't stand living this life knowing that I can never hold her anymore. I know for a fact that she is my soulmate.

  • Db47 by Db47
  • 9 months ago

This really says how I feel. I had two failed marriages before finding my forever wife, Sherry. Then after 14 wonderful years of marriage, she was suddenly and cruelly torn away from me two months ago. I'm done. I have given up. I am ready to have death knock at my door - no matter what lies beyond.

  • Fahad by Fahad
  • 2 years ago

I lost the most precious relation in my life – my wife. I can’t believe she died. It seems like a dream that maybe I’ll wake up from, but it’s not a dream. It’s the saddest thing that after 15 months of our marriage she’s left me forever. She died during delivery but gave me a beautiful daughter. Please pray for my baby.

  • Ken Dunsmuir by Ken Dunsmuir
  • 3 years ago

I lost my wife to lung cancer last November (2017). She had a tumor that pressed the nerves onto her spine, and she became paralyzed. I then saw how so STRONG my girl was. I'd have been heading for the pills to end it. She never complained and would never tell myself or Keith (my step-son) how scared she was even facing death. She just knew how much I'd be so unable to cope with the "truth." Now she's gone. I realize how so incredibly unselfish she was and how I miss her every day. As some of the guys have been saying, death does not scare me anymore. I know when I leave here June will be there to guide me to our new life.

  • Patrick Robles by Patrick Robles
  • 4 years ago

Hello, my name is Patrick. It's so hard to type this, and am still in shock that I am doing so, but my gorgeous/brave/free_spirited wife who was only 33 years old passed away 2 weeks ago yesterday..IAM completely broken beyond repair..the thought of living another 20 years or so without her takes my breath away!

  • Rodulph Rapelego by Rodulph Rapelego
  • 2 years ago

Sorry for your loss. I lost my wife 6 months ago. She was asthmatic. She just came back from work and started having her normal blockage of chest as were already used to her asthma. But I was not ready for what was coming that day. On our way to the hospital, it was only me and her in our car. She passed out and the panic and fear that filled me that day was out of this world. When we got to hospital, they took her in while she was still unconscious and doctors were able to resuscitate her and she responded back to life. But later on, her heart decided to stop on its own and that was the end of my lovely and gorgeous wife's life. Like you, my brother, I have no interest of the future and sometimes just wish death could also come for me sooner. I died with her the day she died. She was only 26 years old and me 28. We had a two-year-old son together who was our first born baby, and he turned two years on the day we buried his mother.

  • Tim Brown by Tim Brown
  • 4 years ago

I am so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks every time I hear about the death of a young wife. I also lost my wife, the mother of our two sons and my first true love. She, too, was 33 years old. I still feel broken beyond repair, though it's been 21 years. There is nothing I can say that will help ease your sorrow. There is only this: as you grieve and the sorrow overwhelms you, look for God's grace. It is there mixed with the pain. Grace is how God heals you. Grace sustains you and keeps you alive. But, best of all, grace allows you to continue to feel the love. Always.

  • Don Houston by Don Houston
  • 5 years ago

My wife passed away in October of this year after bravely battling liver cancer for some months. We had a wonderful life together and many enjoyable holidays at home and abroad. We always imagined this would go on forever, but now she has gone, and I cannot believe that life will be worth living without her. I still shed a tear when I see a photo of her or remember something we did together. Death does not scare me anymore. I know she is waiting for me and we will once again be together. I look forward to that day.

  • John by John
  • 4 years ago

Sorry to read about your wife. My own wife passed away in June, also from cancer. I also do not fear death. Someone told me that my wife is just on down the road in front of me, and I take great comfort in that.

  • Bob Burke by Bob Burke
  • 7 years ago

Hi I know what it feels like for I had a loving girlfriend we were to be married in 6 weeks. We were together as friends from kindergarten then dated in grade 5 and it was on again off again relationship through school we always remained friends though. We were dating and we had a child together (A Girl). And we were ready for the big day and then a drunk driver killed her. I had 3 hours to say good bye to the one I loved with all my heart. My daughter and me alone and I vowed to love them both till the end of time. Well 4.5 months later my daughter was struck by a speeding car in front of me as it came over the hill she could not make it across either way and she died 2 hrs. later. So this is why this poem reaches out to me harshly. My friend I hope you will continue the life journey and try and carry on but never forget her but keep your head up and be strong. The people who killed my life the drunk driver got 5 yrs. in jail for murdering my wife with his truck and the lady who murdered my daughter in front of me got 6 months in jail. I got a life sentence for being innocent to both incidences.

Dear Brad, I truly understand your pain that you are enduring, seemingly endlessly, each and every day. You are not to blame. The deepest love and dedication lives infinitely between those who have felt this endearing gift. Your wife would never, ever want you to blame yourself for her loss. We have absolutely no control to fix the health and make it all better, for those we love. Stop beating yourself up. You are not "God", you do not have a magic wand. None of us have. And never will even though we so much wish we did. You Brad, are going to have to get on with your life. Baby steps. Little by little. Until your end comes, just as it will with us all. I absolutely know where you are at, as so many of us do. Don't think of anything stupid. But each and every day, rejoice in what both of you had, the love you both shared. You did your best and that is more than so many do for those they love. I am still here, some days are absolute battles, and some days are full of tears. And some days are just days. Just always remember, if she knew the pain you are going through, she would be so very sad. She needs to be at peace, and knowing that you are ok. You will be with her one day, but now is not the time. Just through each day the best that you can and be kind to yourself. You are not to blame for that which you could never make better. Just be contented knowing that both of you shared love, and a companionship that so many of us will never experience.

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