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Missing Dead Father

This poem is dedicated to my dad... ROBERT ALVIN HOOK!!!
He passed away when I was 12 years old,
I still haven't the slightest idea of how to deal with this...
I didn't really know him,
the things I did know about him weren't all the good,
but he was my dad... so all you young kids who take your parents for granted,
there's no pain in the world that compares to the pain of when you loose a parent...
be nice let them know that you love them, because you never know when they will be gone... so without a goodbye or kiss from my dad he was gone like that, and the last words I said to him was and I quote "I HATE YOU DAD" and then I find out that he's gone... please always remember

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My dad killed himself and it's so hard to be without him he killed himself when I was five and now I'm about to be sixteen........and he won't be here to see me.

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What Do You Do?


Published: March 2008

What do you do when you just want to cry?
What do you do when every smile becomes a LIE?
What do you do knowing he won't be there?
You're turning 16 and your heart turns cold and bare!
When you can't be happy you can't laugh anymore!
You can't pretend he'll walk through that door!
With flowers and balloons and a cute teddy bear,
and a little pink bow to go in your hair,
a smile on his face and a tear in his eye!
Before his big hug out comes a sigh!
"My little girl is growing up so fast!"
That's what I wish I'd hear him say,
Another gaze into my eyes,
Darling "I LOVE YOU happy 16th birthday!!!!
What do I do when my hands start to shake?
when my heart starts to yearn for that smile on his face?
16 years of life and almost 3 with pain in my heart,
A million left to go and I don't know where to start!!!!
So I'm lying here tonight my heart crushed and sad,
It's SWEET 16 this year without my amazing dad!!!



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  • Kitty by Kitty, Detroit Michigan
  • 4 years ago

My dad killed himself and it's so hard to be without him he killed himself when I was five and now I'm about to be sixteen........and he won't be here to see me.

  • Katie by Katie
  • 5 years ago

I wish I could say I didn't cry. I'm almost 13 so in January, it'll be 11 years since my dad got called to heaven. He passed away when I was two. Every day I see other people with their dads, I wonder why I can't be happy like them. I wonder why my dad can't be here for me and I can't talk to any of my family members about this cause I'll end up getting lectured on stuff I already know. Everyone I talk about this to always end up telling me to stop grieving! Well everyone except one person and he told me that people that think there's a time limit when grieving have never lost a piece of their heart.

  • Beth by Beth, United Kingdom
  • 5 years ago

This really got me, my dad died when I just turned 13 and I'm nearly 16 now, I can really relate to this, my mum also passed away when I was 9 and it's kind of nice that I am not the only one, I am here if you need me. I don't really understand this website but here is my kik messenger- Total_DayDreamer

  • Gisele by Gisele, Milton Keynes
  • 5 years ago

I lost my Dad when I was 19 years old, 26 years ago today. I know this sounds like a long time ago but believe me, he is never out of my mind, I miss him every day and whenever I remember that Saturday on December 19th 1987, it feels like yesterday. I am sometimes consumed with different kinds of emotions, anger, grief, envy I cannot stop myself. My mother did a great job to raise 8 kids by herself after Dad went and she is my heroine, I love her dearly and I know my dad is proud of her wherever he is. I sympathies with you in what you are going through and all I can say is stay strong and stay focused, you have a long road ahead.

  • Selma by Selma, Sackouche
  • 6 years ago

I hate my life and I wish every day to die. My father left me when I was 8 years old he married another women and that surprised me because my father he was a good man he loved me and he will never leave me alone. Now I'm living with my mother I hate her even she is my mother but she is not like the other cause she don't care about my feeling. My father he was my hero he can understand me give all love that I need and now he is gone that makes me sad I don't know what to do I can't live my life normally it's so difficult to live without a father. I hope some day he will came back to me cause I really need him.

  • Steph by Steph, England
  • 6 years ago

I was nearly 5 when the courts said my Dad was never allowed to see me again, and nearly 10 when he passed. The only clear memory I have of him is a roll up hanging from his lip. I was a real Daddy's girl when I was little, and that's not really changed. He did a lot of bad things like beat my mum and do drugs and stuff; he was a heroin addict. He threw himself in front of a train in the end. I don't remember any of the bad things though. I don't even remember the tears I shed when he'd promised to see me but didn't turn up. At the end of the day he's my Daddy and nothing else matters. It'll be 18 years since he died on November 14th and I still miss him. It took 17 just to come to terms with it and admit that I was never going to see him again. I still break down when I watch a film about kids wanting their Dad's to fight for them, and whenever it looks as though someone's gonna get hit by a train, but I don't cry at the mere mention of him anymore. It does however upset me when I see parents try and give some affection to their kids and they pull away, they don't know what they have. Even through all the rubbish times I had as a kid with Mum there was no point that I didn't appreciate her just for being there...and we had some rubbish times...sad thing is she still thinks I was the naughty kid cause I took the blame for everything my sister did so she wouldn't get hurt. It twinges sometimes but I'll never tell her the truth cause it would hurt her too much. The night I nearly lost her was the probably one of the worst of my life. She'd been partying next door and came home really drunk, laid on the bathroom floor on her back and kept throwing up, I was 11 and I managed to put her in the recovery position and I stayed with her all night. She kept telling me to go to bed cause I had school but I just told her there was no way I was losing her as well. We were never close, even when I was little, but we're getting there now. I'm still scared of her but I wouldn't give her up for the world. I love my Mum, I love my Daddy. That will never change. And I know I'm lucky even to have one parent around. I know your pain, I know the birthday feeling, and I know the feeling that your Daddy can never walk you down the aisle. But hang in there kid, it gets better. Hang on to the good memories, they're precious.

  • Rachel by Rachel, Southern Kansas
  • 6 years ago

My father left my side seven months ago. I was nearing my high school graduation when his illness took over. He was by far my best friend, and I could count on him for anything.. it didn't matter what it was. I grew up playing softball, and together we shared the love of the game. It was our dream for me to go play college softball. A few months before my graduation, my father died. The pain within me was deep, and still the heartache I carry is close to unbearable. Now I'm in my third month of college playing softball for a four year school. I owe all of my thanks to my dad and God. God, for giving me such a great dad that gave me all the love and care there was to give. Dad, for using the wonderful heart God gave him and sharing it with me. I get a great satisfaction when I step on the field because I know my dad is a big reason why I'm continuing to live OUR dream. I love him so very much. Knowing that I'll see him again makes not having him here now bearable. Forever he is with me though!

  • Pierre by Pierre
  • 7 years ago

My dad died when I was 4 years old I'm only 15 going to be 16 now, I know that I haven't got to meet him well but i know for a fact that he loved me because of all the stories my grandparents told me. My mom said that she regretted having me once, it's like I don't have a family except my gram, because she was there ever since they both left me. I was never the one to mind what they say because now my moms trying to come in my life. I don't have a brother nor any sisters, my mom and dad both left me and it's like I was in this world by myself now I'm living it like they never existed! :(

  • Sarah by Sarah
  • 7 years ago

My dad died when I was 3 on my sisters birthday and her birthday is the 4th of July I miss him a lot and wish he was here. I cry myself to bed almost every night and there is a funny part to it whenever there are stars out there is always one that is super bright and it is the first star that I see come out. When I was little he used to sing me twinkle twinkle little star. One memory that I remember is me and my sister dressing him up in a Ariel wig and a Cinderella crown. I miss him I love him goodnight daddy R.I.P

  • Ariana by Ariana, San Diego
  • 7 years ago

My dad was diagnosed with an enlarged heart about 3 years ago. The week before August 20, 2011, he got some dental work done that he wasn't suppose to do because of the blood thinners he was on that made him constantly bleed when there was an open wound. The same week he caught pneumonia, so he was resting in bed for that whole week. He was such a loving, adventurous, outgoing, and great daddy to his four girls. And a great husband. I am 18 years old, on August 20, 2011 my sister and I were arguing upstairs over a blouse and my dad ran upstairs to stop the fight. As many of you know it can be tough dealing with teenage girls who are all the same age. The fight between my dad and sister broke out and began to escalate. I tried to stop the fight but I couldn't. My dad began to trip over his own feet and fell on the bed to the side of him. I ran to get my mom and call 911. My dad eventually slide down on to the floor and went into ventricular fibrillation. ( Type of heart attack). My mom preformed CPR on him then he went unconscious. He was in intensive care for 9 days after and the doctor told us he has mass swelling in the brain, and he no longer had any more brain function due to hypoxia. I miss him every second of my life, and can't believe he isn't here anymore with us. This is such a huge devastation and it's hard to cope with. I just hope my dad is okay and doesn't blame himself for his death. I LOVE YOU DADDY!

  • Haleigh by Haleigh, North Carolina
  • 7 years ago

When I was 9 I had just got back from vacation with my mom's dad and I wanted to see my dad because I hadn't seen him in a week. He came and picked me up at 11 am and we got something to eat, went to his work and then went home. When we got home we spent from 1-5 pm in the pool. His girlfriend came home from work and we got out to cook super. When we got out my dad went to his room and called me to his room and said go get her (his girlfriend) so I went to get her and she said tell him I'm smoking a cigarette I will be there in a min. (those were the last words I said to my dad) so I told him and he said go get her now (these were the last words he said to me) and I ran to go get her and she hears me running and screaming she gets in the room and I hear my dad say my heart and close the door. She comes out and says I'm taking your dad to the ER. My dad went to the car came back to the door looked in and looked at me and tears rolled down his face. My dad died that night. Now I am 14. I love you daddy.

  • Krysta by Krysta, Santo Domingo
  • 7 years ago

I lost my father on August 27th, 2011. He was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle, that was his hobby. His stress reliever. He survived the accident and lasted 15 days after the accident. He had really bad trauma in his brain. I can't believe he is gone. I remember him on the intensive care unit, and I can't believe he is dead. I love him with all my heart. I miss him every second of every day. I can't believe I would never see him again, but I have faith in God and I know we will reunite someday. I LOVE YOU DADDY

  • Hazel by Hazel, Fl
  • 7 years ago

My dad died when I was seven. that's exactly how I felt. I know that the rest of my life he will be gone. The last words I said were on the phone, "I love you daddy, bye bye." I will never forget those words.

  • Caitriona by Caitriona, Ireland
  • 8 years ago

I lost my dad when I was 9. I hadn't a clue he was that sick. I'm turning 16 in a few months and I wish he was here with me to celebrate. I miss him more than anything. I love you daddy <3

  • Jared by Jared, Oklahoma
  • 8 years ago

I lost my dad, Mike on February 10th, 2006. He was 55. I was 24. He lived long enough to make a huge impact in my life, for that I'm very thankful. He worked cutting paper for print shops making enough to provide and what lacked in money he more than made up for in time, love and care. He overcame much in life. He taught me faithfulness to God and family. I am disabled withAsperger's Syndrome and mom is my caretaker. Since dad's death I have taken painting classes. I'm an uncle. My dad's birthday is coming up, I have a cousin who shares it, I'm getting ready to send him a card. That's what got me to thinking about him more these past few days. I'm waiting to reunite. Rest in peace, Dad. I love you and miss you everyday.

  • Tijuana by Tijuana, Mexico
  • 8 years ago

I just turned 40 and lost my dad when I was 10. I think there always be a missing part in me...What I have always thought about is the man he would be now and If he would like the person I have become. I wish I could have known him better...I make sure my girls love their dad and tell him I love you every single day ..and I make sure he spends enough time with them so they will always treasure every second with him

  • Caitlin by Caitlin, Massachusetts
  • 8 years ago

I lost my dad when I was 3 almost 4. I am now 15 and no matter what anyone ever says that feeling will never go away! I always feel like a part of my family is missing. The worst part is knowing that he can't see me achieve things that I know would make him proud. I really just wish he was here with me today. Gone but never, ever forgotten <3 Thanks for sharing your stories, I makes me feel a little better knowing other people are going through the same thing that I am!

  • Cindy by Cindy, Branchland WV
  • 8 years ago

I know I wasn't young when I lost my daddy , I was 43 , I just lost him this past August 2010, I was always daddy girl from day 1, I am still struggling with his death, I have nightmares and panic attacks , All I want is to hear him tell me He Loves me. He had throat cancer and they took his voice 1 year before he died, the doctors told him they got it all, 6 months later they say it's back. I had to watch my beautiful daddy fade away a day at a time. How do I go on ? I don't know that I can. RIP Daddy I Love and Miss You so much.

  • Jordan by Jordan
  • 8 years ago

Last month I lost my daddy in a boating accident. I'm turning 16 next month and its so hard on me and my sisters, as well on my Mother and step Mother. My daddy was my best friend, he was the only person I could go to and tell anything, he would give me the best advise, give me hugs and tell me "I love you babygirl", he was always there. and now that he's not, it hurts my heart so bad, as well as my sisters. I know my daddy is in a better place now but I still ask god everyday "why he had to choose my daddy". My daddy was an only child and when my grandparents came to my house at 2 in the morning, I knew something was wrong, and it was. Losing my daddy is something I never thought would happen, but now that it has, I regret ever taking my daddy for granted, and it makes me scared I'm going to lose my mom, because she's sick. Losing a parent is something that words can't describe how it hurts. I just ask for prayers. Thank you.

  • Aleixs by Aleixs
  • 8 years ago

I lost my dad when I was only 12 also...... It was hard, and it still is:( my mom is re-married and I love my stepdad, it just doesn't seem like she's ever happy anymore though like how she use to be so happy with my dad.... What do I do? I want my mom to be as happy as possible<3

  • Katherine by Katherine, United States
  • 8 years ago

My dad died on April 22nd. totally unexpected. Just like that. He died in a matter of seconds. I watched as he was having a seizure and my step mom was doing CPR. Every time I close my eyes I see him laying there. I am 15 and he died at age 50. I will never forget that day. And to kids that have parents. Always tell them that you love them. They could go at anytime, and to anyone who has lost a parent recently I know its hard and it seems like hell, but believe it or not it will get better in time, but I miss my dad even though I wasn't very close to him.

  • Fionamissmydad by Fionamissmydad
  • 8 years ago

I lost my dad at 4th March. I am 12 now and I will 13 soon and he's not going to be present on my birthday. He's not going to be present when I am going to graduate or when I am going to be a mother.....I miss him very much. I was at my brother's room when it happened when I saw my aunt going to my sisters room and when I saw my sister crying I realized that something wasn't good. At march 2 he kissed me for the last time...Hoping that he would kiss me again I decided to fight for him but it was over..........2 days after he died. I just couldn't stop crying and yelling for my father. Everybody need their father to be present for them in any situation. He would give you force and love. I just miss him telling me how beautiful and smart I am, I miss his voice, I miss his kisses and hugs. I don't know how can I be alive when he isn't near me. So I want to say something to every girl in the planet. Don't be rude with your father, mean or anything else. YOU ARE LUCKY TO HAVE HIM.xoxo

  • Sophie by Sophie, Essex (England)
  • 8 years ago

I lost my dad four days before I turned 10! He died of a heart attack and the funeral was (not my choice) on my birthday! Now I'm 13 and still miss him like crazy! I have tried stupid things such as suicide but I am going to see a councilor soon. I feel so alone. I cant talk to my mum about it because I don't want her being upset! I know there are people out there worst off than me but it still hurts! Thank You, Soph xx

  • Katie by Katie
  • 8 years ago

I lost my dad 10 years ago on May 23. I was only 7 years old and he was 26, but now I am 17. My dad was killed in an accident at work. He was a foreman for Arkansas Electric and while at work one day he was cutting down a tree in what they call a bucket truck which he was about 40-60 feet in the air. Well he had to cut a really big tree so he had to cut it in sections. well he cut the first section fine and then he got to the second section and it slipped wrong and hit the bucket and because my dad was not harnessed in, he bounced right out of the bucket hitting his head on the side of the truck. He died of a brain injury. I miss him every single day. I don't feel like I really got to know him because my mom and him got married when I was almost 2 so I did not get to live with him or see him very much. this poem really touched my heart. RIP DAD!

  • Jordan by Jordan, Missouri
  • 8 years ago

So I lost my dad when I was four & I am 15 now. his birthday is coming up and I came along this poem & had to read it. It really touched me because I wasn't old enough to really know him but he was a part of my life and would still be to this day if he was here. I wish he could see me now and tell me how much he loves me and that he is proud of me. It's so hard knowing he will never be able to see me grow up.

  • Cheyanne by Cheyanne, United States
  • 8 years ago

I am 13 but my father died when I was 10 the day before valentines day at the age of 28 he got shot in the head. I'm sooo sad but ever since I have been reading these I feel like I'm not alone. Thanks very much

  • Dannielle Ward by Dannielle Ward
  • 8 years ago

This poem, made me cry
I was 8 when I lost my dad, he died of cancer.
He was my bestmate, my everything to me. the last time I saw him, it was on my 8th birthday, 18th February, he died on the 20th march 2006. Never, ever forget that day. Since then, things changed and things didn't get better. I felt I couldn't speak to anyone, and I still can't. I'm turning 14 soon, people would think I'm over this, but actually, no one can get over your dad dying. One thing I would say to all off you, what ever you do, DON'T TAKE YOUR PARENTS FOR GRANTED!
because I would give/do anything, just to have my dad back,
this is an amazing poem.

  • Christi by Christi, Colorado
  • 8 years ago

This poem reaches home head on.... I lost my dad when I was eight.... He was a truck driver and now that high school graduation is approaching I have begun to ask the same questions again wishing he could be here to see me graduate. To walk me down the aisle when I get married.... to see his first grandchild and so forth..... There are so many what ifs and I will always wonder why he had to die so young.... he was only 26. but he was taken from us and suffered as he passed far away from home and his family.... He was killed at work unloading the flat bed on tires... Being the oldest at only eight left me with very few memories of him.... I am thankful for those few memories. but saddened for my four siblings who have almost no memory of him other than photos. My youngest brother who was two does not have a single memory of him and so I am very thankful for the ones I have but it will never be enough.... RIP Daddy

  • Millie by Millie, Hull
  • 8 years ago

I have only just turned 18 and I lost my dad 2 weeks ago, he wasn't my real dad but he has brought me up since a very young age. he was a surfer, and acted like a kid! I loved the way he acted like a brother/friend as well, we used to gang up on my mum and annoy her haha.. but unfortunately cancer got him , he was so strong! and he got rid of it 3 times but it got to his brain.
he has taught me so many things in life so I know I'm going to find everything so hard. None of my friends understand how bad things are. never ever forgotten xxx

  • Raven by Raven, Louisiana
  • 8 years ago

I lost my dad when I was 10 years old he was more like a best friend to me then my dad. I could go and talk to him for Anything and he would always give me the best advice. My dad had also been sick for about 5 years and that was the worst 5 years of my life because seeing my bestfriend suffer is really hard! ): the week before my dad passed away we went on the best vacation I have ever had! We came back on a Saturday and Sunday we went to church and he was feeling really good The next Sunday I was going to get baptized. My dad was So sick on Monday the next day I cooked him a breakfast he was so sick he could not even eat it. Later that day I went to my friends house and come to find out my dad took his own life! And I am 13 now and I still cry everyday! I will NEVER get over his death.

  • Bethie by Bethie, US
  • 8 years ago

I am 19 years old I lost my Daddy in Oct. 2010, he was helping a complete stranger who was in a ditch, when a 19 year old driver hit the car in the ditch which in turn hit my dad and tossed him in the air about 35ft. and 60ft. away from where my dad was standing. My dad never made it to the hospital, he died at that scene. I was 18 then and 8 months pregnant with a baby girl who he never got to meet. I am really missing my daddy and everyone else that died this year.

  • Grace S. Sujan by Grace S. Sujan
  • 8 years ago

I lost my Father few months ago. It was very painful for me since I am the only child, he was my companion all my life until I got married he was there for me, we live together everyday of my life. Until he was diagnosed of cancer.. when the doctor told me about his condition I felt the world is crashing around since I was the one taking care of my parents well being. My mom felt so much pain because she loved my father so much. My father leaved us with all the memories that we should cherished always. He was a simple man, loving, funny and faithful to mom all his life. He diad while asleep. God answered our prayers that he won't let my dad suffer so much pain.. and prayers granted!!! we miss him every single day!!!

  • Brianna by Brianna, Florida
  • 8 years ago

This really helped me a lot but still I share tears. Because last night it finally hit me that I will never get to see his face again. And I feel like I am the only girl in the world going through this. But I guess people has it worse. And every day I fear losing my mother because she's the only one I have. But I love him a lot and one day I hope we reunite some day! Thanks You Guys Everything is going to be ok! That's what I feel! It's all going to be just fine I know soo!!!!

  • Krazy Kay by Krazy Kay, USA
  • 8 years ago

My Dad is still living but I'm not close to him. He lives with me, my brother, and my mom, but he and I don't talk. I've done some stuff in the past and I know he won't forgive me because of some of the stuff that I'm doing. I can't stop it, it takes me to a place where I feel better. I'm only 16 and I've been doing it for about 2 years. This poem opened up my eyes in some kind of way and I'm going to try my best to work things out with my Dad.

  • Susan by Susan
  • 9 years ago

this really touched me in many ways. I am 13 and a few months ago I lost my mother. and it was JUST the same thing as you. the last words I said was, "I hate you." the NEXT MORNING I found her... dead in her room. it wasn't her fault. she didn't mean to do it. but she just took to many of the "happy pills" her "doctor" gave her. it still hurt inside to not tell her that I'm sorry. I tell myself every day that she forgives me. and that I pray to God that he forgives me for doing what I do to myself... yes, I'm a cutter.

  • carole by carole
  • 10 years ago

my daughter Emily. is losing her Dad, he only has a few days left, cancer.... asbestosis, we have lived this nightmare for the last 18 months, Emily will be 16 on 27th November, she already asks why, why us, he won't be here to see her married, when she has her first child....this is breaking our hearts. We have a son, Oliver, just 14... this should not happen to children still so young, so innocent.

  • Adriana Fimbres by Adriana Fimbres
  • 10 years ago

I also lost, not my real dad, my step dad, the one I only called daddy, the one I call my father. He past away when I was twelve years old I hate that he won't be here to see me get married or see his grandchildren. Everyday I think about him. He was the one who took me and my brother in when our real dad wanted nothing of us as much as we use to wish he would. The last words I got to say to him were : I HATE YOU screaming that in rage because he got my mother mad at him so I got mad at him for that. I regret it so much. The pain of his death is pain that will never heal in my heart. He raised me, he taught me so much and I'll never forget all the things we use to do. I was his little girl he always wanted and he had daughters but I don't know why he treated me better but I'm glad he did because I loved him ever so much and I cherish his memory everyday.

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