Grandfather Poem

Poem About Memories Of Grandpa

This is a poem about my grandpa. I miss him dearly; he touched my life along with many others.

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Missing My Pappa


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2014 with permission of the author.

I can't believe that you are already gone,
The years just went by so fast; it was not long ago
That we walked side by side, you telling me your stories.
I will never forget your smile, the smile that you had when you would see me,
The smile you had when I was little and wanted something,
The smile you had on my graduation day,
The smile you had when you became a great grandpa,
And that smile you had every time I came for a visit.
I miss your laughter, your silly little jokes that you always made me smile.
I miss you.
All the memories that I have will always stay,
The memories I have when I was a little girl
Waking up and falling asleep by your door, when you would pick me up and put me in bed,
The rice you made me all the time. Trips to the store, just you and me.
I miss that.
You have helped me become who I am today, for that, thanks.
I was told you would not be here forever but just did not believe.
When I would come visit you, you always know even if you were not told
You would be there on the porch waiting for me; that made be happy.
With a big smile on your face, you just could not wait for us to get to you.
Know when I go visit grandma I still hope to see you on your porch but never do any more.
I miss you, your smile, your laugh.
That dance with you on my wedding day.
Thank you, thank you, I will never forget,
Sitting there next to you on your last days, by your side holding you hand helping you,
I miss that, I miss everything.
I didn't want to believe when I got that call.
I just didn't, it was too hard.
I see now you are where you wanted to be; you are home the place you always talked about.
I miss you, this is just too hard for me; I don't know how I can do this.
If you could just come back to me it would be better, but I know you can't, I miss you.
I know You are happy and healthy, no worries,
I will always remember and never forget the memories.
I miss you.


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