Grandmother Death Poem

Why A Young Child Attend Should A Grandparent's Funeral

This is an issue that came up in our family and would come up at some time in most families. It's about a dilemma families face when they have children who are also close to the loved one they have lost. The dilemma is whether to let the child attend the funeral of the grandparent.

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Missing Nana

© more by Iola J Zaan

Published by Family Friend Poems October 2018

Some might say, "my dearest child",
"You did not know her long"
So is it time that measures love?
And wouldn't that be wrong?

I can't attend her funeral
And I have to wonder why?
"You're far too young" is mentioned
Aren't I old enough to cry?

I'm not a little toddler
And I miss her like they do
I wish that I could ask her
To suggest they take me too

I know if she were here with me
She'd reach out to dry my tears
And tell them that I'm now of age
The most formative of years

A time when strong emotions
Are beginning to be known
It's best that you include a child
Don't let them grieve alone

What matters so much more
Is the memories that I keep
Not the final count of days
Until my Nana fell asleep

Although I knew her not so long
I'll remember all my days
Her gentle soothing voice
Her hugs and loving ways

I tell you if my nan was here
She would see this through my eyes
As a member of this family
I should share in these goodbyes



I think I inherited my love of words from my father. He didn't write but read every day of his life from as long as he could remember. He loved that I assigned made up words when I was too young to know a word for something, it reaffirmed to him the power of words and how much I needed them then. He kept a dictionary and thesaurus in the...

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