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Always Daddy's Little Girl

My dad was my hero. I always felt safe as a little girl. He taught me that a man should treat a lady with the utmost respect. We should never settle for anything less. There was a time in my life when I did settle for less. My dad saved me, because that little girl still lived in me, and she clung to that magic time with her daddy. His love and strength empowered me to find myself again. I hope this inspires women to remember the happy little girl in them and to never settle for anything less.

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Such a beautiful, magical poem! You have a gift for words. I love your other poem you wrote about losing your mom. Thank you for sharing.

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Wondrous Magical Times


Published: March 2017

The child held to her
daddy's hand.
She stood upon his feet,
and as they danced to the music,
their closeness was complete.

Excitedly, the little girl
would wait for her daddy to speak,
and as she danced in his footsteps,
he knew one day another's love
she would seek.

Time whirled her far
from her daddy's footsteps,
into lost dreams of a magic time,
void of knights and steeds
and damsels saved
and music filled with rhyme.

Old daddy wiped away his daughter's
tears of sadness and then the
tears of strife,
and then held to his child's hand,
quietly rectifying her life.

The child held to her
daddy's hand
and danced to music filled with rhyme,
and felt a touch of happiness
and wondrous magical times.

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  • by Nicole
  • 1 year ago

Such a beautiful, magical poem! You have a gift for words. I love your other poem you wrote about losing your mom. Thank you for sharing.

  • by Janna Lynne Jones
  • 1 year ago

I loved the poem but I really can't relate to it because it was hard for my dad when he was growing up because he never had anyone like the little girl does in the poem. He never had a father figure, so it's hard for him to be a father figure to my sisters and me. He wants to be a better father then his dad was to him. His nana raised him from the time he was two until he met our mom and got married.

  • by Muralidhar K. Krishna Murthy
  • 1 year ago

Really touched and memories were back while I have seen other friends playing with their fathers as I hardly enjoy any. Very nice.

  • by MGS
  • 1 year ago

I wish I had a father like this. My father left us when I was just 5 years old, and I always see my mom tears and crying at night. My mom was the only one who took care of me and my siblings. She did everything for her children. She made day a night just to give us good future. I love my mom and I hate my dad. My father is an irresponsible man and a womanizer. Please forgive me if I feel this way.

  • by Hina J.D. Samnani
  • 1 year ago

This is really nice one. Touched by its magical words.

  • by Angel
  • 1 year ago

I remember dancing with my dad and how special I felt. This poem takes me back to those special moments.

  • by Robert
  • 1 year ago

You are amazing with words! I hope my daughter will always remember her magical times.

  • by Renee Johnson
  • 1 year ago

I love this author's writing style. She was able to describe a child's imagination while the little girl was dancing with her father. I could feel the magic. Thank you for a beautiful, touching, inspirational poem!

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