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Another poem about my ex-boyfriend. I found out today he has a new girlfriend, and this poem happened. For any girl who's trying to get over your ex boyfriend, just know that he is so unlucky for losing you. If he has moved on, maybe it's time for you to try and move on. Get out there and have a good time and show him you don't need him. I know it hurts. This poem shows that, but it's life.

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This is heartbreaking because I believe this to be my story. To the one that God made for me, I still am in love with you and never left you. At the same time, I never knew you wanted "us." I...

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Missing You

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Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009 with permission of the Author.

I lie in bed awake at night,
Replay what we used to be.
I can't believe it's over now,
And you have moved on without me.
Another girl has taken my place.
I hope she treats you well.
I'd give anything to have you back.
Just thinking of you makes my heart swell.
I stare at you, my feelings so strong.
I love everything you do,
So how can you like someone else
When I'm in love with you?


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  • Jason Fisher by Jason Fisher
  • 4 years ago

This is heartbreaking because I believe this to be my story. To the one that God made for me, I still am in love with you and never left you. At the same time, I never knew you wanted "us." I will always love you and wish to be the one in your arms. Truly.

  • Katelyn by Katelyn, Toronto Ohio
  • 9 years ago

So I dated this guy for a short time, and I might be crazy but in that time I fell in love with him and then he broke my heart when he broke up with me and then I find out a few days later he is dating someone else. I want to be over him but I just can't seem to get him off my mind and it's like everything I do reminds me of him. It makes me think that maybe I did something wrong and even though I put on a strong face and a smile I feel so sad and broken that it gets unbearable and makes it feel like its too much to handle. "Sigh" I wish I could move on so easily like he did but I just can't seem to move on when I feel like things shouldn't have ended. :(

  • Shantel by Shantel, Denver
  • 10 years ago

I was with this guy for a year and six and a half months. Everything was going good until we got into a big argument. That was when some words were exchanged. Yeah we made up after a couple of hours but the thing that hurt me the most was that we ended our relationship the night of prom. Now its hard to say that he got with my best friend couple hours after we broke up.

  • Janette B by Janette B
  • 10 years ago

My ex boyfriend and me broke up after 7 months of dating because my 'bestfriend' said that I stole him from her.. it's been 3 years and I still love him.

  • Alisa H. by Alisa H.
  • 10 years ago

I loved him for nearly four years. Yes, I gave him four years.
He was my everything, and I didn't trust him. It was my fault that we broke up.
He's with another woman, I can feel it. It burns inside of me.

  • Aleigha by Aleigha
  • 10 years ago

I started dating him on February 13th (day before Valentines Day) and I was the one who broke up with him in September because of one of my guy friends who said he'd had feelings for me the whole time. Now when I see him, it hurts. Honestly, I loved him and he knows that and I know he loved me back, I know he still does. But like a week ago I found out he liked someone else and it broke my heart. Ugh...ex-boyfriends.

  • Michelle Phungo by Michelle Phungo
  • 10 years ago

I was in love with this guy we dated but then we broke up and he asked my best friend out and every time my best friend is not here he always comes to me. I was thinking of moving on but I can't. I really don't know what to do because I love the guy but really get sad when he is with my best friend so how must I work it out

  • Laredo by Laredo, Tx
  • 10 years ago

First love at sight is the best thing that can ever happen but when you start dating and the relationship ends it's the worst thing that ever happens. I met this guy and we started as friends.We went through all the school year as friends yet very good friends.On the last day of school he gave me this super sweet hug I just couldn't believe it. The next day we started going out, we lasted like a month. One day he called me and said he wanted to break up. That was the saddest feeling that I had ever had in my entire life.When love come you need to take risks. That is what I learned.

  • Tyell by Tyell, Uk
  • 10 years ago

I was with this guy for 4 years and I gave him everything. About 4-5 months ago we broke up. And everyday since then I think about him. I am still in love with him, and wouldn't mind getting him back. But to all you ladies keep your heads up because there is going to be a brighter day.

  • Carol by Carol, Kriel
  • 10 years ago

I broke up with my boyfriend and it been almost 5 months now and I still can't get over it I still love him. When I see him it hurts like he'll hold me close and kiss me tell me how much he loves, me spend some time together, but then he won't, he has moved on but I'm here every night looking at his pictures and crying, hoping he will come back. Wishing he could come back to me, I can't get over him. I think about him day and night and it hurts a lot. Wish he could come back and be the way we used to to

  • Wolfie by Wolfie, Emerald Isle NC
  • 11 years ago

My bf broke up with me.. and I loved him for everything he had ever done for me, but he changed and took all my love for granted, everybody doesn't always get what they want, but I will give the world to have him back with me right now. There's not a day that I do not think of him. I can only hope and believe on him to believe in me that I love him. I love you Theo. I wish you were back with me. I miss you in my life, and life was so good when you were in it. Please Come Back :c

  • Angelina Fletcher by Angelina Fletcher, Georgia
  • 11 years ago

This poem reminded me of my boyfriend, we were together for 4 months and four days, and the fourth day he dumped me, he said it was over, he was like, I think it would be better off if we were friends, and I said to him, I was like, I gave you everything, everything I wanted to give you, and he said, I'm sorry :( , it's just time that we say our last goodbye, he made me cry, I cried for like four days, and then someone else came up, and now I'm still dating him, I've been dating this guy for about 2 in a half weeks now, he makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world, and I am so glad I have him now, I can hold him in my arms and never let him go, I am only 15 years old, he is 16, were both in the ninth grade, when I was about, 13 years old, my boyfriend abused me, ever since we dated he kept hitting me and punching me, he left scars and bruises on me, just always remember, never let a guy hit you. never!, well, thanks for reading it......

  • Ikra by Ikra, USA
  • 11 years ago

After reading this story I just feel like crying so badly I'm trying not to badly because I never believed in love since I was in my last year in school I fell in love with a guy who was my best friend .We were in different countries different language but both knew English we got so close chatting. I felt he's the right one for me two years in a relationship I can't believe it when I was stopped talking to him he dumped me. It wasn't my fault knowing he's still alive I am dying to talk to him I'll give my life but he hates me all I did was fall in love. I believe it was a crime for me falling in love why did I have feelings for him knowing he's moved on and is someone else. It doesn't make me jealous it burns my hurt inside that he belongs to someone else. I hate myself I want to forget him but he doesn't get out my heart or mind

  • Brittany by Brittany, Indiana
  • 11 years ago

This makes me think of my ex that I dated off and on during the summer. He stayed at his grandmas every weekend so I would stay at my older cousins every weekend since she lived by his grandma so we could hang out. Him and me dated off and on the whole summer. He dumped me because he said his mom made him. I still love him. I care about him a lot. Every time he dumped me he kept going to another one of his exs. I think about him all the time...it does hurt a lot.

  • Lrivers by Lrivers
  • 11 years ago

I loved him for everything he had ever done for me, but he changed and took all my love for granted, everybody doesn't always get what they want, but I will give the world to have him back with me right now.

  • Murray by Murray
  • 11 years ago

I met my bf at a mall just few weeks ago. He was flirting with me the first time I started working there. He was such a good looking guy and my heart was so happy when we smiled at each other. I loved his smile, his laugh and everything about my bf. as two weeks went by things were great, but then things started to go wrong, he started pushing me away from him. Now we are not together and now I have to face him every day at work. Even though I wish we were together still. I never knew how he felt about me. It's sometimes I wonder if he even did have feelings for me or not. What can I do now? I miss him so much and I told him that I loved him but he never said anything. I just want us to be together again, but looks like it will never happen again. :(

  • Naomi by Naomi, California
  • 12 years ago

My ex boyfriend and I were together for 6 months, I really loved him and he said he loved me too. Until I took him to a homecoming dance at my school and he met this other girl and they were flirting with each other right in front of me. I thought nothing of it until he breaks up with me a few weeks later saying he doesn't have feeling for me anymore. Then he ends up dating that same girl from the dance. I was heartbroken and I still care about him, but my sister recently told me that he said he hated me. I don't understand why, he broke up with me, I've done nothing to get him back or to get revenge on him. I don't talk about him, I'm not mean to him. I guess I am over him but it just hurts to hear that he feels that way about me.

  • Marlene Garcia by Marlene Garcia, El Paso
  • 12 years ago

I was 16 when I fell in love. A summer romance. I'm from El Paso, TX and it borders Juarez, Mexico. we dated and everything was perfect. We did so many things and loved more than couples did after years. But my sophomore year he said he wanted to go back to his mother who lives in Juarez and he was here illegally. How was I suppose to act? What was I suppose to say? I told him this, "I am no one to tell you not to go. And don't ever regret your decision." He called me that same night wishing he hadn't left...Knowing that he couldn't come back killed a part of me... And took me 2 years to date another guy whom I learned to love... When I had a year with my then boyfriend the love of my life shows up unexpectedly at my house... I was 18. He asked if I would go back to him and I denied him because I was doing so well with my guy... After that my relationship went down hill... How can you be with man while thinking of another? After 2 years we broke up. My love had been with another girl but soon broke up. And he came back to me! I know this guy since 10th grade and every time I see him its like seeing him for the first time. I would do anything him. All I want is for him to have everything he deserves. He soon left me for his ex... I wasn't bitter... Yes it hurt but I couldn't hate him... I can't hurt him... He's my heart. Then again this year on March 25 he asked to be by boyfriend and promised to never hurt me again. I forgave him and beloved everything he said to me... Such beautiful lies... I am now 20 and I still love him with all his defects.. He doesn't understand how much I love him... There's not a day that I do not think of him. I can only hope and believe on him to believe in me that I love him. I love you Tony

  • Yesenia by Yesenia, Santa Barbara
  • 12 years ago

It was the first day of 7th grade, when I entered my second period which was P.E and my eyes met this guy. From that moment I knew it was love at first sight. We said a few word to one another now and then but sadly he ended up switching his schedule so then we had NO classes together. Well about two months later I transferred to Core-Knowledge (a more advance English class) and he was in that class as well. About a week after I transferred into that class he asked me out and I said Yes! That was the happiest day of my life. However our relationship was on and off for the first month or so. We broke up for about 3 weeks and then I finally had the guts to apologize and ask him if maybe we can try again. He said he was going to ask me that and well we started going out again. On April 20th we both had our first kiss with each other and let me just say it was the most amazing experience ever. Everything went smooth sailing from there and a few months late I lost my virginity to him. I guess you could say it was true love but wrong he broke up with me the day we went back to school because I was supposedly a liar and not his type because I was too popular. Yeah I'll admit it I was your mean girl he was a nerd but haven't you seen the movie Geek Charming uhm hello opposites attract. Well now its been about a year almost and you could say we've both moved on but deep down I still haven't <'3

  • J by J, Dominican
  • 12 years ago

I fell for him in December, I fell hard. In a way I was that other girl every one speaks of. He had recently told a girl he didn't feel for her like he used to and from what I saw they were still best friends. Now here I am 4 months later and they have each other and I got left behind. I should have known not to fall so hard.

  • Evans by Evans
  • 12 years ago

I was dating this guy we were friends for years I thought I knew him but I was wrong. He asked me out I said yes because I care a lot for him and I didn't want to let him go. I went to his house so we could hang out. The next day I texted him he didn't text me back so I called him he said he just wanted to be friends again so we could get to know each other very well and try it again. And the big problem was I'm not the type of person that plays games like he is.

  • Billie Jean by Billie Jean
  • 12 years ago

I was with guy when I was younger and I haven't seen him in years until Tuesday 28, 2012. I finally got to see him at the funeral and then I saw him last night at the store on my way home. My ex boyfriend is being so rude to me and I don't care anymore I am trying to move on with my life but it is really hard for me. There is one guy that I was with when I was younger, there is one guy that wants to be with me, and then there is my ex boyfriend that broke up with me last night cause the guy that I was with when I was younger gave a kiss goodbye when we left to bury my uncle Randall.

  • Jane Doe. California by Jane Doe. California
  • 12 years ago

I was with my ex for 7 years. We have a 6 year old daughter. We split 3 years ago. I miss him dearly. We spent all those years together and marriage was never brought up. He's been dating this girl since a week after Christmas. He already tells her he loves her and they are getting married in June. She has 4 kids. they spend everyday together. I have been expressing my feelings on wanting him back for 6 months now. My life is shattered. I gave him 7 years of unconditional love.

  • Felicity by Felicity
  • 12 years ago

I started dating a guy last April, we just recently broke up. The whole time we were together he told me his past didn't matter because I would be his future. One day he goes to the mall and meets a girl there. A week later he breaks up with me, and the next day starts dating that girl. The first day they're dating they already tell each other they love each other, yet at the same time he tells me he still loves me and I'm still going to be his future wife. I tell his current girlfriend that, so he completely denies all of it and called me a "relationship Wrecker." and also told me to delete his number and never talk to him again. About two days ago his Bestfriends told me he had cheated on me at least seventeen times in the eight months we were dating. the problem; after all of this, I'd still probably take him back because I LOVE him.

  • Calista by Calista
  • 12 years ago

My boyfriend is a singer, not a famous singer but a singer nonetheless. We've been friends for soooooo long. At one of his concerts; it was called Saint John Idol, he asked me out in front of hundreds of people, on stage. I said yes, of course I had liked him for so long. This was in the summer (June) we dated from then until Christmas day, when he came to my doorstep, we exchanged gifts, kissed, and he said he was breaking up with me. Said the distance was too hard for him to handle. Then today (23rd of January, 2012), he asked me out again, I said yes only because I really really loved him...

  • Mindy Conowingo by Mindy Conowingo
  • 12 years ago

I dated a guy for three months after three months. He told me he didn't love me any more and he told me he fell out of love in one day. You don't do that, he meant everything to me and he let people break us up and it sucks so much I want him back :(

  • Laura by Laura, Minnesota
  • 12 years ago

It's so true when they say you never knew What you had till it's gone. I'm still madly in Love with my ex of 5 years and 15 years of friendship. We've been broken up for a little over a year now. He's moved on and Happy and I'm stuck here miserable. It's sooo hard to move on. He was more then my best friend and lover, he was family. I miss him so much and try not to let memories of him find there way back in my mind. I don't think I'll ever fully be over him, there's no way. There Is just way to much history :(

  • Ayaka by Ayaka, Georgia
  • 12 years ago

Me and my ex use to be best friends for the longest. Then he finally asked me out. We were together for almost 2 months. Then that one moment occurred . He told me to find someone else that would be better for me. He was my life, I gave him everything. How could he possibly say that? Then he asked to still be friends... sooner or later we became back to friends. After that I moved on , but I still think about him when I'm looking at the stars. After several weeks mi best friend starts to like him. Even though he's my ex and she's my besty. That's hard to take in when you still have feelings for him. So I told myself I wish the best for him.
He was everything you want in a guy .-.

  • Jordaan by Jordaan, Phoenix
  • 12 years ago

I've been with my ex for six months but we've been friends for three years. I've always had a problem with opening and expressing my feelings. My ex and I did everything together and out of nowhere on our seventh anniversary he tells me he loves me, happy anniversary and he has a new girlfriend. Now I'm stuck and it's hard to get over the fact that he was my bestfriend also.

  • Rae by Rae, Arkansas
  • 13 years ago

I met this guy and we were friends for a while. Then we decided we wanted to start dating, but he wanted my dads permission because he didn't want any hard feelings between him and my dad. My dad pt us on a waiting period, then when my dad told me he thought we were ready to date it was already too late, because his ex had come down to visit and he ended up going back to her. She only wants him because he has money coming in every week now. What I don't get is that when I asked him about it, he lied to me and said nothing was going on, then the next day when I turned on my cell there was a text saying that they were back together. the screwed up part is.... she's married to his cousin!!!!!

  • Bluefish by Bluefish
  • 13 years ago

well if you change the roles around a bit this poem fits the bill for me
I was best friends with my girl for 8 years together for 4 and engaged for 2 of those 8.. I gave the world to her.. my love , my trust, and my soul. and all of a sudden she finds another guy who she known for a few months and has split feelings between us..
P.S. never trust a guy when they just want to be friends.. their true intentions will come out when they feel the time is right... also never put yourself in a situation were something can happen.. two things I have always told her.. I wish she listened..

  • Chanielle Milwaukee by Chanielle Milwaukee
  • 13 years ago

I had this boy I was so in love with him but I let my love get ahead of me and damn my baby is gone far away and I cant take the pain I'm sitting here thinking to myself how can I get him back...

  • Joye by Joye
  • 13 years ago

I fell in love with him early October. I didn't let myself hope it was true. It lasted only 2 weeks; he was gone as quickly as he came. But here it is now, February, and I still love him. I see him hold his new girlfriend, and I look away, tears in my eyes. I don't talk, I don't eat. I have dark hollows beneath my eyes from lack of sleep. I am told I am an old soul, that I have matured beyond my years. I cry when nobody knows. But when he smiles at me, I smile in return. And when he asks me what's wrong, I don't answer. I have nothing to say. I loved him. I still do. I am 13. I know my love was true.

  • Animas by Animas
  • 13 years ago

I meet him in May and it was love at first sight I dated him for almost a year maybe a little more, I had a friend she started to come between us for some stupid reason I let her. So she got closer as I was pushed away, then one day I realized if I let everyone push me aside my life is going to go nowhere. So I told him that, but he told me it was over. The next day I started dating his friend just to show him how it felt. I regret doing that to him more then anyone can ever imagine. Love hurts I will always love him with my heart and soul and I told him that, he loves me to. It's been a year since I last saw him but my love for him only gets stronger as time goes on.. Girls don't let jealousy get between you because when you look back he was with you that's what should matter.

  • Mandi Davis by Mandi Davis
  • 13 years ago

My boyfriend and I were together for 8 months he meant the world to me. He told me he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. The week after he broke up with me he was with this other girl. He talked to her the entire time we were dating. It hurts. :(
It's been 3 weeks and I still cry over him.

  • Tylah-Jade by Tylah-Jade
  • 13 years ago

That poem was so true I loved my boyfriend with all my heart he said we needed a break spilt with me and was with a chick and said he never loved me, we were dating for 6 months, he said he loves his new girlfriend they've been together 5 weeks

  • Montana by Montana, Alabama
  • 14 years ago

I was dating this guy and he broke up with me after 3 months. The next day he was with another girl. I didn't know how to tell him I was in love with him.... so I never did. After almost 4 months of not dating I finally told him these exact words "How can you like someone else, and I be in love with you?" He responded with I'm in love with my current girlfriend.. It doesn't make sense to me.

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