Anniversary Poem

A son writes a tribute to the love between his parents on their 50th anniversary.

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Mom And Dad What A Blessing


Published: February 2006

Happy 50 years of marriage Mom & Dad,

I wanted to write you a short note expressing my love to the most wonderful parents no child deserves.

Mom and Dad, thank you for your caring love for me as your child, because no matter how old I am I will always be your child.

Thank you for the wonderful memories of watching my mother and father love each other.

I remember dad sitting in his recliner watching TV but really watching mom so when mom walked by dad would grab her and try to have her sit on his lap. Mom would always act as if she did not like it, but she did. Boy! My Dad really loves my Mom.

I remember mom having dinner ready for dad as soon as he came home from work. When dad would walk in the door mom would always greet dad, walk with dad to the bathroom, and tell dad all about her day. Boy! My Mom really loves my Dad.

I remember dad always working around the house painting this, repairing that, hanging those, planting all and dad always checking mom's list even checking it twice making sure everything looks just nice. Boy! My Dad really loves my Mom.

Now that I remember all of those loving moments it occurs to me how much my mom and dad still love each other as much today as they did 50 years ago. I see this love when I come home to visit, there's my mom and dad sitting in different rooms next to each other playing on their computers back to back but knowing that each one is there if needed.

Mom, Dad what a blessing the both of you have been to me. I have so much to be thankful for, but I would not have any of those blessings if it were not for the blessing of my Mom and Dad loving each other for 50 years.

You're loving Son,


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