Teen Sweet Love Poem

Poem About Saying "I Love You" for the First Time

I am Sapan Shah and I call myself "The Lovist." It is a word I have coined myself. This is one of the best poems I have ever written. Nothing like this exactly happened; I imagined this whole thing and penned it down as a poem. Hope you people like it. I am very passionate about all my poems. I love poetry. Thank You all.

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Published: June 2014

Once more, I close my eyes- and flash,
Come the memories of that day;
When she held my hand so tight,
There was left nothing I could say.

Her spirits were low; her tears fell on me,
She did that often, but this was something special;
Even though she was sad, had wet eyes,
I could see her aura, it was so incredible.

She held my hand even tighter, and then,
Let go of herself, on me;
She released her tears once more,
Neither did I move, nor did she.

Everything around seemed to freeze,
And both of us drifted as in a boat;
It was just one short moment,
But everything that followed, meant a lot.

For a second, I forgot everything,
I enveloped her in my arms;
She looked at me, with her eyes wet,
And to her beauty, that added charm.

She put her head on my shoulder, again,
After which, followed a silence;
I thought, at that time,
I survived only due to her lovely fragrance.

Those beautiful moments that I lived,
I could never have asked for more;
I cherish them, even now,
And will continue till I am at heaven's doors.

Almost breaking the enchanting silence,
From the bottom of my heart, I spoke;
'I Love You' yes, I said those words,
And after that, my voice broke.

She looked into my eyes again,
This time with all the love she had in her;
'I Love You Too...', she replied,
Those moments seemed like, forever.

She fell into my arms, like a movie scene,
I kissed her on her forehead;
The coziness in her, did me apart,
'I Love You', once more, I said.

I bet I can give my everything,
I bet I can take the entire world's pain;
I bet I can sacrifice myself, too,
If I get to live those moments again.


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