Mother Daughter Poem

This poem is about my mum, she is the best, she always there we have been through many bad and good times. I wrote this to her when I was a teenager for her to her my love and appreciation. So this is dedicated to you mum, I love you to pieces. Your Daughter x

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Mothers And Daughters Love For One Another


Published: February 2009

You can see it in their eyes,
In tender hugs, kisses and long goodbyes,
A love that only mums and daughters know.

They have misunderstandings
But don't all mothers and daughters,
But one thing that never changes is their
Friendship that continually seems to grow.

Mums are the ladies that work hard
To please their young little ones.
They do the best they can to please everyone
But my mum especially.

There are many words to describe a mum like mine;
Caring, generous, merciful, trustworthy, considerate,
Thinks about others before self,
A young happy, bouncy,
Wild woman, with advice ready to burst to the world.

I can always speak to my mum about everything,
even the silliest of things,
I'm proud to say and shout to the world,
that I have the number one best mum!



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