Mother Poem

My mom and I had a very good relationship before the state took me and my 5 year old sister away. We can never see her. Now she's in jail for making stupid mistakes. We were kinda like sisters. We did everything together, we partied like crazy, shopped every day, and now it all ended, in a stupid way..

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Mom And Daughter Best Friends


Published: March 2008

Do you have a best friend
I do
She'll be there till the end
I'll be here for her too
Whenever she needs to talk
She knows who to come to
She's my mother, and is always right by me
We're always laughing together
We're best friends don't you see
Sometimes pain is too much to stand
And whenever she needs me
I'll give her my hand
And when others treat her mean
I'll be by her side
And it's my shoulder which upon she can lean
She puts her trust in me
I put my trust in her
We're best friends don't you see

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