Mother's Day Poem

Children thank their mother for innumerable gifts

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Mother's Love


Published: February 2006

Like the morning sun
You light up the earth
Just like you did each time
You gave us birth
You brought us in
With caring arms
You held us tight
Made sure we were warm
You laid us down
In the beds you owned
You made sure
We were not alone
You took us to school
Even though it made you cry
To better ourselves
As we waved goodbye
You wanted the best for us
We filled you with pride
You couldn't hold back
The joy you had inside
What gave you the most delight
And the deepest happiness
Was to see us grow
And become a big success
For that, we thank you
You're what we're made of
A woman's simple pleasure
We have our mother's love

Give me a reason
To tell you that I love you
I could give you a couple
But that just wouldn't do
The list goes on forever
There is no limit or bound
You ask me if I love you
This is what I've found'
A mother who is caring
As giving as can be
Never whines or wants
She gives unselfishly
You would get me everything
From a penny to a toy
You would do anything for me
You cared so much for your little boy
You set a good example
A standard to go by
I could never be like you
I shouldn't even try
You give me peace
You've taught me faith
With all the things we've been through
It was well worth the wait
Everything you've done for me
I know I won't forget
I live my life because of you
Forever I'll be in debt
From riding my bike
To buying my first baseball glove
You've given me your heart
So I could have my mother's love

The star that lights the world
Unique from all the rest
Giving and sharing a life
That only presents the best
A tree that shades the world
Protects those near from harm
Giving more than what's available
With open and caring arms
A flower that freshly bloomed
An aura that's honest and pure
Shedding its beauty for all the world
Providing a heavenly cure
The wind that drives the world
Touching everybody's soul
Giving a sign of hope
For those lost and out of control


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