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Coping With Grief: A Teen's Heart-warming Tribute To Mom

R.I.P. Mum! I love you loads, and I'll never forget you. When I was 6, my mum died, and I never really got over it. I feel that writing this poem has helped me express how I feel about it all.

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I can understand where you're coming from all too well. I am currently 16 years old. When I was 6 my mother died of a brain tumor which had completely surrounded and had grown within her...

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Mum's Poem


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011 with permission of the Author.

I love you so much
Your soft, loving, gentle touch
You meant the world to me
Now if only the world could see
You weren't just my Mum
You were my best friend, a bundle of fun

I wish people could see
The way you left me
Maybe then they would understand
Instead it's like I am on my own separate land
You were my mum and my sun
But most of all you were number one

The moon sends a chill down my spine
Like a light-weight on one glass of wine
Mum, I love you a lot
You will never be forgot
You touched many hearts in your time
It's helping me write this rhyme

You were so special to us
Always making a fuss
I will never forget you
Hope you don't forget me too
Friends and family are all I got
But I consider that a lot

You're waiting for me and in that time
I will keep writing you a different rhyme
Love you, Mum, trying to make you proud
While you sit on your white cloud
I am glad to have had a Mum like you
Because every time I hear your name I wanna shout Woo!

But instead I come close to crying
So I start lying
My friends ask if I am okay
But how can I explain I hate May
I love you more than words can describe
When I see your picture, I get this vibe

You're still with me, step by step
It's like you don't care about my bad rep
I have changed to make you proud
After all, I got to keep your white cloud
You're always in my thoughts during the day
Especially when it gets to May

I love you, Mum, I really do
And I know that no matter what you love me too
I am proud to say you're my Mum
My best friend, my bundle of fun
No matter what, I am your little girl
And you are my mother pearl

I was blessed with the greatest Mum
My best friend always up for some fun
My friends do not understand what I miss
I miss our hugs and your motherly kiss
You are my sun shining so bright
You are the stars that light up my night

I love you Mum
no matter, what you will always be in my thoughts
and I will make you proud
I promise


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  • Pembroke by Pembroke
  • 11 years ago

I understand where she is coming from I lost my mom when I was fourteen years old it was hard because I never thought she was going to die. I was in the room when the heart monitor went blank. That was the hardest thing ever, loved her so much and now she is gone. What am I supposed to do with her I know live my life and graduate from high school. When she died I went to go live with my Aunt Jackie then I was placed in a group home that was hard because I feel like our family has separated and it has. I was took by DSS from my aunt Jackie.

  • Caitlin Ostlund by Caitlin Ostlund, Usa
  • 9 years ago

I can understand where you're coming from all too well. I am currently 16 years old. When I was 6 my mother died of a brain tumor which had completely surrounded and had grown within her brain. I was young and oblivious to why my mom was constantly in the hospital. I was in the room. I had hugged her and told her I wished she'd come home late at night right before it happened. I have no memories of her except her death. But from this horrific experience I have gained a new mom, a little sister, and a more emotionally mature outlook on life than most kids my age. Just keep your head up and live everyday in honor and memory of her. From a friend who understands and is here for you.

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