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Brother Battled Cancer For 7 years He Is My Hero

My Brother left home at age 15 to join the Navy. His life was short but full. He battled cancer from 40 and died at 46. He is my hero

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I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago. I am still fighting.

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My Bother And My Friend


Published: January 2014

You left the family home
When you were only young
A new life in the Navy
Had only just begun

Then when you came home again
You met your lovely wife
Just another chapter
of a short but honest life

Then of course the kids arrived
to your utter joy
not just one but three of them
each time it was a boy

you nurtured them, you guided them
to help them on their way
a gift of love you gave to them
each and every day

Then sickness hit
you battled on
as long as you could stand
a battle fought for way too long
for any other man

God called to you
it's time to come
there's no more time to wait
but you leave this world behind you
in a far far better state

You will be missed that is for sure
A husband, father, son
but once again too early
your new life has begun

rest in peace with God above
and wait it's not the end
We'll meet again in heaven
My brother and my friend.


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  • Gordon Jackson by Gordon Jackson
  • 8 years ago

I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago. I am still fighting.

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