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Poem For Loss Of Big Brother

This was written for my one and only big brother who meant the world to me! Miss you a lot. I know we will meet again someday.

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I lost my brother January 4,1988. He died of complications from Diabetes Type 1. He was only 33 years old. It's like I lost half of myself. I didn't know how to live without him. Now I have...

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For My Big Brother

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Published: December 2010

You showed me a lot of things.
I learned a lot I didn't know,
But you forgot to teach me one last thing -
How to let you go.
I know you didn't mean to leave me;
Sometimes we have no choice.
I miss being your little sister,
Hearing my name called by your voice.
I wish I got to say "I Love You"
Before you were given to the sky.
If God could grant me one last wish,
I'd ask to say "Goodbye."
You always meant a lot to me.
I could never love you less,
I know it's true when they say,
"He only takes the best."

Clint (Halo-Soldier) L.H.
   4-11-85    10-8-06



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  • Zazzau by Zazzau
  • 2 months ago

This poem helped me a little in explaining my feelings for my sister who took her own life 9 years ago. She was 28 and had 2 little children...I miss her and this poem touched me.

  • Dona H by Dona H
  • 4 months ago

I lost my third to oldest brother to cancer. It will year tomorrow, July 4, 2019. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. He was my daughter's godfather and one best brothers a sister could ask for. He was always here for me. I love Jay and miss so much.

  • Tyra by Tyra, South Dakota
  • 4 months ago

Glad all ya like my poem. It's been forever since this poem. He was a good man.

  • Cheri Childs by Cheri Childs
  • 7 months ago

I lost my brother January 4,1988. He died of complications from Diabetes Type 1. He was only 33 years old. It's like I lost half of myself. I didn't know how to live without him. Now I have gotten to a place I can remember the happy, funny times. It's been a long, hard road.

  • Tyra by Tyra, South Dakota
  • 4 months ago

I'm glad you like my poem! Can't believe it got a lot of stars.

  • Fatima Neal-Epes by Fatima Neal-Epes
  • 10 months ago

My oldest brother passed Sunday, December 23, 2018, after a brief and sudden illness. My heart is so overwhelmed! However, I have hope in Jesus to not only comfort me in the time of sorrow, but He will continue to comfort me after everyone has gone and they're no longer calling. I love my brother more than words can say and more than my heart can contain. My tears won't stop... but I know this will subside but never go away.

  • Sherry LaRosa by Sherry LaRosa
  • 8 months ago

My younger brother passed away on Monday, November 26, 2018, after a brief and sudden illness. He was diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer and didn't tell us he was in the hospital. I received a phone call that he was in ICU on life support. My father, siblings, and myself made the difficult decision to let him go due to the fact he was brain dead. I cry for him every day and pray that he's at peace and free from pain. I'll always love him!!

  • Phelokazi by Phelokazi
  • 1 year ago

I lost my big brother November 16, 2016, after a short sickness. I received a call from the hospital that he was very sick and that I should come. The time was 09:30 when they called me. I left work and ran to the hospital. When I got there my brother was very bad. He couldn't speak and didn't even notice I was there. I was alone with him, holding his hand, hoping he would wake up. Watching him as he was breathing was very hurtful. I kept looking at him with tears in my eyes, until 11:00 when Got took him from me. It's been a year, but it's hard to let go.

  • Collins Marani by Collins Marani
  • 1 year ago

I lost my brother on January 27th, a day like this. It's been 5 years now. He was my elder brother and a friend whom I will never forget in my life. His memories still linger in my mind. Rest with angels in heaven, brother.

  • Sumaya Jan by Sumaya Jan
  • 2 years ago

I lost my elder brother 4 years ago, but it seems like only yesterday. Though he is gone, he is always there in my heart and I can feel his presence. His face always comes into my eyes and it hurts me so much. His death was so sudden. We were together having tea, and after only 5 minutes he said he was having a headache. I took him to the hospital, but he never came back. His death shook my world, and I am not the same person I used to be, just missing him each day I live. Another sad part is I lost my papa just 2 months ago. I am in stress. Don't know what to do and what to believe. I can't believe that my dad is also gone. I lost my everything. I'm just pretending to be okay and carefree.

  • Tyra by Tyra, South Dakota
  • 2 years ago

Yeah, I understand. I'm the only child after my brother left. Now my dad left me too back in April. Now I'm an alcoholic. One day I'll get stuff together.

  • Victoria Gonzalez by Victoria Gonzalez
  • 3 years ago

The day I saw you in a way I've never seen before made my heart beat a thousand times more. I was so shocked that I could not breathe. I was so lost I could not see. You were gone in the blink of an eye, and only God knows why.

  • Adrianna Aragon by Adrianna Aragon, Nevada
  • 3 years ago

My brother passed away February 23, 2007 from cancer at 19 and I was only 14 years old, it's about to be 9 years now coming up. Seems like it was just yesterday I told him I was coming back for him after leaving the hospital so I guess I can say I didn't really get to say goodbye. I have another brother whom I never got to meet but was born the same year and passed the exact same year as my eldest brother and had the same name as my middle brother. I have one brother left but I don't think I'll ever get to have a chance of brotherly love like I used to back then, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? I have nothing but angels surrounding me so I can be thankful for that. Thank you for sharing your poem.

  • Adell Richardson by Adell Richardson
  • 2 years ago

That is the saddest thing I've ever read. I have 3 brothers, still alive, but they choose to not really have much to do with me. I wish it was different, but I know it won't. I bet your brothers are the best angels in heaven looking after you. Stay strong, Adrianna, stay strong. <3

  • Nordica D Lindgren by Nordica D Lindgren
  • 4 years ago

It was Feb. 15th and I remember the phone ringing. It was my mom. She was really excited because the Germans just got a gold medal in the winter Olympics. I returned to the bathroom and the phone rang again...another medal? It was my mom. She was hysterical. My big brother, Pete, was killed in an accident the night prior. I told her it wasn't true...and hung up. My brother Peter dead? NO! It had to be a mistake. But it wasn't. My big brother Peter was dead. Part of me wanted to die too. My life stopped and I couldn't understand how everybody could just carry on with their everyday routines. I slipped into a depression. I couldn't go on without Peter. We were so very close and he always looked after me...the baby of the family. I wish I could spend just one day with him. I miss him so much. Six years later my younger brother, Walter, took his life. Both of my brothers are best friends. When they left...they took my heart with them.

  • Mark Edward by Mark Edward
  • 3 years ago


Sorry for your losses and I understand your pain. My older and only brother passed away one month after I graduated high school. It threw me into a tailspin. I had basketball and baseball college scholarships. As well as acceptance into the U.S. Air Force Academy. However, the pain was more than I could handle. Unfortunately, I passed on all three opportunities at having my college education paid for, free and clear.

The pain was so deep that great family support or spiritual beliefs could mend my broken heart. If I could give you a few things they would be: a BIG hug and, this advice: go through your grieving process. Everyone grieves in their own way and at their own pace. Find yours. It's something you'll learn never goes away, only becomes bearable. And while going through it all, take time to remember your loved ones. It's the most noble thing we can do in their memory. Feel free to email if you want a non-judgmental ear.

  • Irem by Irem, Pakistan
  • 3 years ago

I lost my only brother, my baby brother, he was 28 years old and was two years younger than me. Life is not the same anymore. I laugh, I live, but a part of me is always missing. You never know what life holds for you, so cherish each moment and love for your family and loved ones for you never know, if tomorrow is there or not.

  • Brittany Buske by Brittany Buske
  • 4 years ago

On September 10, 2015 I lost my brother. My best friend. He was 21 and I am 19. He had a job that was also paying for his schooling. He was hoping one day to have his own business. Now hes gone and it kills me to know that he wont be here to fulfill his dreams. I spent everyday with him this past summer. I lost my grandmother almost 1 month before my brother died. 2 weeks after my grandmother died my dad had a major heart attack and we could of lost him, and now my brother. I am pretty lost at the moment.

  • Catrin Hughes United Kingdom by Catrin Hughes United Kingdom
  • 4 years ago

On December 12th 2012, I lost my brother to Leukemia Cancer, he was 20. I was 14 when we lost him and this poem was the one that I chose to read myself at his funeral. It's such a beautiful piece of writing and I can't help but be in love with it.

  • Kathy Rifenbark by Kathy Rifenbark
  • 4 years ago

I was going into 8th grade when I lost my brother. He died June 29,2012. He was only 26, he died from diabetes. I found him at 3 in the morning, he looked fine when I went back up stairs. I blame myself for him dying a lot, since I didn't call anyone when I found him. If only I knew he was dead or on the verge of dying right there. I need my big brother. I haven't been the same since he died, I was close to him. I have tried to kill myself when I found that he was actually dead. I am 16 and my brother died almost 3 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't miss him.

  • Sara H by Sara H, New York
  • 5 years ago

When I was 17 I lost my 19 yr. old brother. A month before my birthday he was murdered. It was the most devastating event in my life. He was my virtual twin. My best friend and closest relative. A piece of me is missing ever since that day.

  • Jennifer Pa by Jennifer Pa
  • 4 years ago

I had just turned 17 and four days later my 18 year old brother died in his first semester at college. This was nearly 6 years ago and I swear sometimes I think I'm in more pain now than before.
I think I just want someone to talk to who understands.

  • Sol Yazmin Atilano Sanchez by Sol Yazmin Atilano Sanchez
  • 5 years ago

My favorite brother passed away on Jan. 13, 2014. he was my hero the only brother who made me laugh, pick me up when I was down he was my best friend and I just wish I could of said goodbye and I never got the chance to say I love him. He was only 22 years old and he had leukemia it has only been 9 months and his death has been hurting me a lot. I watch his YouTube video over and over again and my tears come down my cheek. I'm only 11 turning 12 on December 22 and I just miss him I LOVE YOU JORGE I WISH THAT I COULD SEE YOU AGAIN AND WITH YOU A HUG AND NEVER LET GO R.I.P JORGE ATILANO "Brother Bear"

  • Rose by Rose
  • 5 years ago

Beautiful poem. really says it all. I lost my brother when I was 11. This was 7 years ago. He was only 16. He was everything to me. He was my best friend in the whole world. Although it's been 7 years, I still think about him everyday. He's the one who taught me every thing I know. He was the best brother in the world. I loved him so much. I still do. I wish I could see him and hug just one more time to say goodbye. The worst part is that everyday I feel like I'm losing more of him. I miss you so much.

  • Becca by Becca, Raleigh
  • 5 years ago

This poem really meant a lot to me. I am 14 years old and I lost my 21 year old brother a month ago. I saw him the day before it happened and he ran up to me and gave me one of those tight hugs where you're lifted off the ground and spun around. I never knew it would be the last of those but it was and I really wish I could still be in his arms. Rest in peace

  • Sakshi Dhiman by Sakshi Dhiman
  • 5 years ago

I lost my brother five years ago. He was 17 and I was 12. I loved him so much. He left that day with a smile on his face. If I had known he'd never come back, I would not of let him go. He meant life to me. Every night I sleep, I expect that he'd wake me up the next morning, either by splashing water, blasting loudspeakers, throwing me off the bed or whatever way he wants; but only him. I want him back in my life. The void his loss has created in my life can never be filled. And this void keeps on expanding with every week that passes. I remember him at every phase of my life. I always think what life would have been if he had not gone. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

  • Kashifa  Razk by Kashifa Razk, Benoni
  • 5 years ago

This poem brought me down in tears, it's exactly how I feel I lost my big brother on 10 February 2012. He was one person I always looked up at. I just miss Him.

  • Lexi by Lexi, New York
  • 6 years ago

Out of all the poems I read this one seemed to be my favorite. Every time I read it I can't help but cry. I just recently lost my big brother a month ago. He was 20 years young. Life seems unreasonable right now but this poem is comforting. I miss you so much Nick and will love you always.

  • Martha Chapman by Martha Chapman, Texas
  • 6 years ago

I have lost one of my big brothers, John Wanye Chapman on November 22, 2013 he had 3 boys that love him with all there heart. When I just read this poem it reminded me of my brother John, I did not get to say goodbye to him when he was in the hospital in San Antonio it scared me when I got the call from my aunt who went with my mom and dad, we had his kids when we got the call from the hospital when he passed away. It is still hard for me not to think of him everyday of the week and not cry because I miss him with all my heart and soul and I wish every night that I can tell him goodbye but if I get the chance to tell him goodbye I don't think I can.

  • Alyssa by Alyssa, Oklahoma
  • 6 years ago

I lost my eldest brother almost 4 years ago, from an asthma attack in his sleep. Today would've been his 31st birthday. I was so close with him I love you always bubba.

  • Kelly Harrington by Kelly Harrington
  • 6 years ago

Our family lost one of the best people we had ever known. Our brother John. He was so full of life and laughter that anyone who met him immediately wanted to be a friend of his. I had not known much of him when we were kids, but I have to say memories were good. John and I became very close and suddenly God decided he needed him more then we did. R.i.P. My big brother, friend and protector. And now my Guardian Angel!

  • Ria by Ria, Trinidad And Tobago
  • 7 years ago

My brother Mark died when he fell asleep at the wheel after taking a female co-worker home safely in December 18th 2011, he was 34. I never thought someone else could know my pain, but this poem is everything I feel. If only I could have said Goodbye, and hear him say my name one more time. I will love you and miss you forever Mark

  • Kayleigh by Kayleigh
  • 8 years ago

I came across this poem in January when my big brother passed away. I was looking for something to read at his funeral and this fit perfectly. I miss him every single day. This poem is beautiful and helps me get through a day. I now have it tattooed down my ribs to help me feel my brother by my side at all times.

  • Tyra by Tyra, South Dakota
  • 4 years ago

Thank you for liking my poem
You actually have it tattooed?

  • Kathy by Kathy, Mobile Alabama
  • 8 years ago

I lost one brother on March 11 2004, and another brother on April 16 2011, this poem really touched me.

  • Kim by Kim, North Carolina
  • 8 years ago

This poem really touched me. I lost my brother who was only 18 months older than me on April, 13 2011. Instead of saying good bye in his hospital room all I could do was cry but if I were given the chance I would tell him good bye.

  • Emily by Emily, MD
  • 8 years ago

This poem helped me a little in explaining my feelings for my brother who took his own life 3 weeks ago. he was 28 and had 3 little children...I miss him and this poem touched me...

  • Christina by Christina, Northern Ireland
  • 8 years ago

my brother William sadly took his own life on the 19th Feb 2009, he was only 24, this poem really touched my heart, it will never get any easier :( I'll never forget him :(

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