Father Poem

Poem About Dad Providing Strength To Child

I dedicate this poem to my Dad...the person behind everything of who I am today. This is my heartfelt gratitude and love to my dad on his birthday just to say he means the world to me. Love you, DAD!

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My Dad


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2016 with permission of the Author.

As a kid when I watched you walk,
Leaving behind your foot mark,
I leaped and jumped to match that stride,
Never succeeded however hard I tried.

Now no more a kid and grown up in all ways,
I still struggle every moment every single day
To stick to your path, no matter come what may,
Where unbounded faith and principles lead the way.

After every fall of mine you made me stand up right,
Wiping away my tears and making me smile bright,
Inspiring me not to lose my heart in the moments of fright,
Telling me the real meaning of life is to fight.

Opening the doors, some old and some new,
To show me the world and its view,
Telling me moments of sorrow are few
And each of them teaches us a chapter that is new.

Like the fresh air that I breathe in,
Like flesh and blood protected by skin,
And the heart that beats deep within,
You are by my side through my problems, thick and thin.

To the Almighty today I place a request on the altar
If I am bound to another life later,
Again and again I want only you as my father,
As you have been my only strength to not falter.


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