Daughter Poem

My Daughter Has Autism

My daughter is 36 years old and afflicted with Autism. She lives at home with my husband and I.

I have learned many things from her, the most important being that it is not in being shown love, but in giving love that we are made whole.

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Sarah Elizabeth


Published: March 2009

You were born with Popsicle blue eyes,
That never squinted from the rays of the sun,
They merely reflected the same intensity.
Tears were few,
But the severity of your gaze,
Was an indication of some unhappiness.
Your laughter at times was like shards of ice,
Strung as a mobile tinkling in the wind,
Sustained and sometimes unbearable to the ear.
Finally speech came, but no conversation,
Just an echoing of frenetic sounds,
Swirling around you.
With thought and emotion constrained,
your soul cried out,
While my heart struggled to hear.
My heart is listening still.
With 30 plus years,
Bedtime still brings ritual.
Nightie night, sleep tight,
I say as I kiss your brow.
With a shy smile you reply,
Don't let the bedbugs bite.
As you close your eyes,
There sometimes comes a tear,
Like melting ice it slide down your cheek,
And I feel in my soul,
What your heart is saying.


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