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I lost my Koko last year and it is not long till his unveiling, I wrote this poem in honor of him and I will read it out on the day...

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My Heart Still Breaking


Published: August 2010

I am writing this for you as you have left an aching heart, a heart so wounded that it will take time to spark,

I often think of you Koko
and reflect on what was going though your mind,
it must have been so hard to believe that your sickness was only a matter of time..

Every day upcoming to your death was like an adrenalin rush going through my veins, a feeling that I do not want to feel again,

looking into your eyes and not seeing a happy you,
broke my heart not in one but into two,
you remained the strong man I always knew,
and the comforting feeling was just sitting by you,
not saying a word, only seeing the day through.

things became difficult and harder for us,
we were soon to be losing a great man to us,
As you lay there sleeping with no distance between
holding on to you so dearly, started off with ten breaths then down to three.

Your soul was released up into the air as your family surrounded your body with no breath of air,
sounds of teardrops hitting the floor and the hurt that we all felt when god opened his door.

it is sadness to the heart
that beats to see you,
but more open minded to know your struggle to fight was over.

I miss you more than you will ever know
you are my Koko,
goodbye, see you later, and may you rest in peace.



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