Mother Child Poem

Poem About A Mother Being There

Poem: In thankfulness to a mother who is everything a mother should be.

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My Mother


Published: February 2006

All through my life my Mother was there
All sorts of burdens and worries she happily bared
On my first step she was there to catch me
Or when I fell and hurt my poor knee
Then came school and all the fears that abound
My mother was there she was always around
So often I tried her patience to the end
My Mother was always my very best friend
No question too tough or price too high
My mother was there when I had my first cry
Then came that heartache tears how they flew
My mother just told me you'll find someone knew
I could be in sports or playing in band
My Mother was always my biggest fan
Mother what I'm saying is through all these years
You've always been there through my happiness and tears
From a small boy who has grown to a man
My Mother is the reason I am who I am.


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