Alone Poem by Teens

This is basically how I feel and I don't think any one in my family cares or maybe they just don't know. They think cuz I get good grades that everything's great but they never look deeper. They hurt me every day not necessarily on purpose but still. By ignoring me giving me dirty looks things like that that they think don't matter. um so yeah that's me.

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No One Special Just Me


Published: September 2011

I had nightmares since the age of five
and I hated myself for being alive
I struggled through my primary years
I had to hide to cry my tears
went to primary here and there
I schooled basically everywhere
my mum became my teacher so
another school I had to go
secondary next like a normal girl
but I was living in a messed up world
all my ambitions were out of my sight
and my mind didn't appear to be working right
but I started at the royal school
and my life became kind of cool
in there I made amazing friends
who'd be there for me until the end
but sometimes I got kind of sad
so I became kind of bad
I felt from life I had nothing to gain
and my anger gave me a crave for pain
I  train tracked my arm so it looked like bars
and I was satisfied when I saw the scars
but a solution for me we couldn't find
so the royal got left behind
I started afresh but I didn't fit in
and I bottled all my feelings in
once again I turned to self harm
and I kind of lost who I am
but I told myself I would be strong
I knew I had to carry on
but as I sit here I'm not so sure
if my life ahead I can endure
although I tend to scream and shout
my true feelings do not come out
so I guess now that I'm forced to see
the harsh but true reality
my mother never wanted me
I'm a failure to my family
I don't mean to swear to push or shove
but I've quite forgotten how to love
people just turn me away
don't listen to what I have to say
they think they know what I am about
but one last time I'm crying out
I did things I knew I shouldn't do
I lost myself and my values
so sad and sold I did remain
because respect I could not regain
so now I won't attempt or try
your friendship for me to rebuy
because I brought this upon myself
and for ever more I'll rot in hell


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