Sad Poem by Teens

Hi! I wrote this poem a while ago and I had some friends read it. Eventually, majority of my friends read it and all told me to publish it online or something. So here I am typing (?) this poem hoping people will have the same reaction as my friends.
Hope you enjoy!

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Pain At Its Strongest


Published: July 2012

The world is crumbling in around me and it's all landing on top of me
I'm all alone carrying every one's weight.
Every one's tears, pain, loss, and regrets.
I am no hero, nor am I a savior.
I can't even handle my own emotions and problems by myself...
How can I be expected to carry everybody else's?
People say your destiny starts when you least expect it.
Well then is this my destiny?!
Is this the path I am destined to take?!
The path of sorrow and pain?!
The destiny of a stronger, braver, less selfish person
Than I?
My bones are growing weaker by the second,
My hope vanishing by the minute.
The air is becoming thinner as I continue my journey,
The walls closing in tighter around me with every step
I'm being suffocated by the tortures people can't handle,
I can feel the fiery venom of death straining the walls of my veins,
Scorching the insides of my lungs
The elements seem to keep me from ending the torture of this path,
This life,
This destiny.
It's as if some unseen force
Is pushing me past my breaking point
Turning me into...
A monster
A creature so horrifying
I cannot bear to look in the mirror...
In fear of what I may see
It's almost as if I am no longer myself,
Like I am somebody else.
And I am watching this other person...
Get tortured
And bleed
I stand there watching
This beast,
This other person,
This other me
Cry herself to sleep every night because she wishes
All the torture,
All the pain,
And all the suffering
Will end
But it doesn't.
And it never will...
For death is a gift she will never...



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