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From Husband To Daddy

I have never been more than a very casual "writer". Silly poems for family, rhymes to go on birthday invites....just "stuff". However, when I finished this one, I had a different surge of pride.

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On This Father

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Published: June 2010

Being a father to a son,
brings a man's heart so much joy.
You can't imagine your world,
without this wonderful little boy.

Our son has grown so much,
there's no trace of "baby" in his smile.
But the work has just begun, Dad,
time to readjust the dial.

Wrestling in the living room
makes him feel big and strong.
Giving him the confidence to make decisions;
hopefully right, sometimes wrong.

From sporting events to his first car;
to dating and a family of his own.
You are the one he will turn to,
The best man he's ever known.

He will watch your every move,
so guide him the best you can;
Cause only a Daddy can teach his son
how to become a man.

I prayed no other woman
would come along and steal your heart;
but from the moment we heard, "it's a girl"
I knew she would have you from the start.

A little girl needs her Daddy
to love her with gentlemanly charm.
To hold her tightly when she is afraid;
and keep her safe from harm.

From pigtails and bubblegum,
to lipstick and high heels;
Help her mend a broken heart,
teach her that true love is real.

Dance with her in the living room,
just to see her twirl.
Know there is no love that equals that of
Daddy's Little Girl.

She will grow to be a woman,
with irresistible charm and grace;
But right now take each special moment
and treasure her sweet face.

I stood and made a promise
to love you come what may;
and watching you turn from husband to Daddy,
makes that love grow more each day!



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