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Poem From Mother To Son Joining The Marines

This poem is for my son Michael, who was finishing up his Boot Camp at MCRD in San Diego, CA. It was a long journey that we both took...but well worth it.

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Laura Johnson, as I was reading your reply, I was taken back. My son's name is Aaron and he, too, was sent to MCRD San Diego and will be graduating from boot camp next week on Friday. What...

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Our Journey


Published: November 2008

Our journey is almost over
but yours, my son, has just begun.
As we finish up on this roller coaster of a ride
You will soon begin a new kind of ride.

You left a lost young lad,
who didn't know which way to go
but now I see you returning
a fine young man. who knows what
direction to go.

I can see within your letters
the pride you now hold,
The pride of becoming a United States Marine!

Go and serve your country now, my son,
as a Marine's job is never done.
Though as your Mother,
I will never stop worrying about you,
or wonder what you might be doing.
Are you hungry,
or even hurt?

I pray each and every day until I can see your handsome face.
Go and do what needs to be done
then come back home safely to all that hold you dear.
You will always be within my heart even though we will now be apart.

I am so very proud of you my son, because
of what you have gone and done.
You're a Marine now, my son!

Very Proud mom of Mike
Platoon # 2103
Graduation 11-5-08
Oct 22, 2008


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  • Lennie Linet by Lennie Linet, Hayward CA
  • 7 years ago

My son left two days ago for boot camp in San Diego, its a bittersweet feeling because I know my son made the right choice. He is my oldest of 3. I am proud of him of what he has become. I worry and think of him every second of the day and pray that he will be safe. December 19, 2014 will be the day i see my son graduate.

  • Openeyedamerican by Openeyedamerican
  • 6 years ago

Sorry to hear this. Has it occurred to you nobody's son belongs joining the military any more than anyone's daughter, rich or poor? He has far better options, and his life if far more critical than the deceiving "mission", of which does nothing positive for society.

I pray for your son's safety, but am far too humanly compassionate to be among the audience in our Hunger Games, clapping for him and saying "thank you". We as a nation have never had cause to our behemoth military, its not about freedom. Never was. My heart goes out to you, and especially him.

  • Laura Johnson by Laura Johnson
  • 9 years ago

My son Aaron just left to boot camp 3 weeks ago to MCRD San Diego. He is my oldest son and the first one to leave the "nest". It has been a whirlwind. I found this poem that sums up how I feel and brought a tear to my eye.

  • Norma E Lozano by Norma E Lozano
  • 5 years ago

Laura Johnson, as I was reading your reply, I was taken back. My son's name is Aaron and he, too, was sent to MCRD San Diego and will be graduating from boot camp next week on Friday. What are the odds that I'd be reading this at this time? I can only believe that God had a hand on this. God bless and strengthen every mother whose sons have given themselves for a greater cause.

  • Ana Peifer by Ana Peifer
  • 10 years ago

Tears came to my eyes as I read this sweet poem.. I am also a marine mom. My son is stationed in San Diego California. He is my only child. He is on his 2nd year. There is not one moment that I don't think of my precious son. I pray that the Lord keeps him safe. Not only my son but all those men and ladies fighting for us. I am so proud of my son and honored to be a marine mom. God Bless you all.

  • Monica Aguilar by Monica Aguilar, Clute
  • 10 years ago

I am a marine mom. I was looking for a poem to read to him at his going away party. Then I read this one, it really touched me because my son is also named Michael. Wow god knows how to have divine encounters. My son just graduated from boot camp in Cal. on 01/13/12. At the time, signing to enter the marines was hard but I just prayed and god assured me that he would be fine, and it was. He started going to church and became a prayer leader and got baptized. God is good! May god bless all your families!! I give all respect to all the women and men that serve in military. To all families I will have you all in my prayers. God bless!

  • Tracy Schroeder by Tracy Schroeder, Independence
  • 10 years ago

I can't even begin to tell you how I felt when I read this poem. I am a mom who is about to throw my son a going away party because he is leaving for the Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego. I just thought I would take a chance to see if there were any poems from mothers to sons, so I can hang during his party. This was the second poem I read. I didn't even search the word Marine. And WOW! What a way to pull on the 'ole heart strings. I am so NOT ready to see him go, but I know this has been his dream since he was 12 years old. So, to all the mothers that have went through this before me...I don't know how you did it! But, thank you for raising some fine young men and I am honored to join you as a future Marine Mom!

  • Tami Lykins by Tami Lykins
  • 12 years ago

this poem touched me so much !! My first one to graduate on May 29, 2010. He leaves to go to San Diego California to the marines. I am just not ready to let go!!! May God bless you

  • angela by angela
  • 13 years ago

I related well to this woman's heart. My son graduated boot camp from san Diego in June of 2008. he is now a lance corporal in Jacksonville, NC. his father and I are very proud. I still have my son's letters from bootcamp and with each one I could read the changes between the lines. God Bless all our military men and women, and strengthen and comfort their parents, families, and spouses!

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