Heartbreak Poem by Teens

Poem About Wanting To Go Back To The Past

My love, who I thought wanted to be with me for a long time, just told me she wants to be with other guys.

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Our Past


Published: January 2016

At the end of a rope that leads nowhere.
The hope I sought,
broken like glass.

The time I spent,
the love I shared,
the moments together.
Our every touch
felt so captivating.

I wish I could hold the moment just a little longer
before it slips away.

I wish we could take the arms on a clock
and turn them back.
Back and back they go.
Time begins to whirl all around us.
Memories begin to spin.
All I feel is your warmth in my arms and in my heart.
I promised you I would always be there for you.

I've come to realize you never promised me.
It's okay.
I will take the punch and the stab to the heart
just to watch you smile.
Smile without me.
Smile with another guy,
the guy to take my place,
the guy to sweep you off your feet,
like I did, time and time ago.

Now it seems that you've forgotten all about us.
You've forgotten how much you loved me,
and how much I loved you.
Remember our walks and talks,
our hugs and kisses,
the time I killed the spider in your room.
The time I held you as we watched fireworks explode in the warm summer night.

Our kiss in the warm summer wind,
as you were in my arms.
We were so close, all alone
in the middle of a starlit field.
The wind blew our hair around,
the grass tickled our ankles.
We leaned in close,
our lips touched.
I was lost in your presence
You were lost in our love.

I will never forget.
I will never regret.
I am sorry I've done so much.
Inside I'm a mess.
Outside is a lie..

I love you, forever and always...


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