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I have major depression and anxiety. I wrote this poem after I lost someone very dear to me. I may only be 14, but I am very passionate about writing.

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I enjoyed the poem "Since You Left." The poet spoke her heart out.

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Since You Left


Published: April 2018

I feel so empty; all colors are dull.
I can barely breathe on my own.
The light is gone and dark is back.
Cover me in endless black,
my heart broken on the floor.
I cry sometimes still watching the door.
I need you here; can't you see?
It's obvious, you complete me.
So gentle you were; then came the pain.
You left me with nothing but shame.
I lay in bed and cry all night,
praying for things to be all right.
I wish you happiness, never pain.
For everything, I'm to blame.
Remember me forevermore,
all the memories you ripped and tore.
Please don't erase me from your brain.
My heart will never be the same.
Don't remove me from your heart.
I knew I loved you from the start.
Out of all things, I'll miss your lips,
also the touch of your fingertips.



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  • Samreen Jawed by Samreen Jawed
  • 6 months ago

I enjoyed the poem "Since You Left." The poet spoke her heart out.

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