Wedding Poem

Wedding Acrostic Poem

I wrote this poem for my niece on her wedding day in October 2016.

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Our Wedding Day


Published: July 6, 2017

O-ur wedding day is another bridge love built for us to cross over together.
U-nder all circumstances, each day we will dedicate our love to one another.
R-emembering love is the engine to our future to be filled with our memories.

W-ind and rain will come our way, no doubt; I trust in God will carry us through.
E-ach and every day our duty is to enrich our happiness, pleasure, and rapture.
D-edication will support our commitment as we seal our love from this day on.
D-estiny is the running engine to our love to keep our heart pure and profound.
I-nitially we place our trust, our dreams will grow into our future with fertile ground.
N-otions of understanding shall give us perception in the image to face the world.
G-rowing old together, we will see wrinkles of wisdom as they grow into memories.

D-etermination will keep our love intertwined with our heart forever and a day.
A-nswers to our prayers with all the faith our heart can hold we shall always share.
Y-esterday, today, and our tomorrow is all we have in our favor to hold us together.

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