Mother Daughter Poem

Poem About A Fight Between Mother and Daughter

A daughter shares her sadness that her friendship with her mother has been severed. Her mother betrayed their friendship and things will never be the same.

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Why Did It Turn Out Like This?


Published: February 2006

We used to be inseparable
Nothing could tear us apart
You were my idol
I looked up to you for my support
You showed me how to be a real person
And too always show my true colors
And then came the day when you left me deserted and alone
I felt so betrayed I didn't know where to turn
I felt so abandoned in this cold and desolate world
I turned to ask you for help but you were nowhere to be found
I saw your face in my tears that fell to the ground
I felt like my heart had been ripped out and dropped to the ground
But I still wanted to run after you and drag your love back to me
I searched all over and neither you or your love was too be found
The agony I felt was indescribable to anybody in this world
The only thing I kept thinking was how could you do this to me and why are you gone?
I wanted to tell you, I love you and I didn't want to let you go
But you just turned your head and laughed at what I said
So I gave up and moved on because your love for me was gone
All of this because of my own mom...



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