Teen Death Friend Poem

Poem to A Friend And Classmate Who Commited Suicide

Dedicated to a friend, classmate, and all-around amazing girl who left us way before she should have. She committed suicide due, in part, to bullying. She definitely brightened my life during her short stay on earth, and I know for a fact that she impacted everyone she came into contact with for the better. Rest easy, CJA, and see you on the other side.

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Published: June 2012

Isn't that always the plight of beautiful things? 
They chased after you with their cruel, ignorant words
Wanted to bind you up and put you in their jars
Just another marvelous beast captured
Another pretty creature broken, but still alive, just barely
But you wouldn't have it
When they jabbed at you with their sharp little lies
When they went in to pin your wings to the cardboard, well
You just sidestepped right off the earth, flitted straight up
To where no one could touch you, not even us.
And the world sobbed silently for you, one more beautiful thing lost.


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